1. Z

    USB power bank as second battery for dash cam

    I just received my new Viofo A129 pro duo a few days before, but I been to stay at home for the whole time, so I'm wondering to make something. First of all, I'm new to the circuit and English, so if you find any problems, let me know, please! So I did some research from the forum, and end it...
  2. EsQueue

    Insides of BlackVue B-124 (DIY 11,852 mAh @12.8v / 151.7 W/h + extension battery for under $50?)

    Hello, I just decided to take apart my brand new BlackVue B-124 and post some internal pictures as I couldn't find any. I found out a few things from doing this. On the picture of the circuit board the board name is NEO6 REV-G. I didn't separate the batteries from the upper part of the case as...
  3. k1ran

    Compact dashcam with WIFI and GPS is looking for.

    Sup Guys :) I am looking for a camera ('s) for DIY installation. I have a light assistant and wanna make hidden installation of dashcam inside of the custom case. It means that I am looking for WIFI cam from where I can easy remove lens like in Mobius (not soldered to the board, length is not a...
  4. D

    Hard Wire Install Kit - Modification Question

    I have an install kit from "The Dash Cam Store": They're similar to install kits you can get on Amazon or eBay with a 12v to 5V transformer, a 15 foot Mini USB cable, and two wires (red with the fuse tap, and black with the grounding ring) I'd...
  5. hultaj

    [DIY- the easiest way] CPL for mini 0801s

    It is very easy and looks like the oem. You can adopt this idea with other dash cams with protruding lens. so let's start. lens in 0801s is small. the smallest cpl I have found was 24mm- still too big for 0801s. BUT it has a metal ring inside it. All You need to do is go to a store and buy...
  6. D

    Converting cigarette lighter plug to usb

    Thinking of chopping off the cigarette lighter end and converting it to usb I know I can just buy a long cable but I'd in DIY mode right now, so has any of you done this would you consider it “safe”?
  7. O

    [DIY] How to remove light water spot on windscreen

    Have a clear windscreen before placing action cam / dash cam is a must, I had ever record my drive when the windscreen is dirty, the result is a poor video, because my dash cam focused on the dirt on the screen. This simple and easy way to prepare before take a video using dashcam or action...
  8. Harith Hamdan

    Papago GoSafe 310 Teardown

    After 3 years of usage. I found out that my lens is lightly out of focus. I decided to open my camera and rotate the lens manually to gain back the best focus for my camera. To open the cover, you can easily spot two screw on the camera`s bottom . Firstly you need to peel the sticker and will...
  9. Pianoman144

    Tutorial: How to mount a CPL-filter on the Dome D201

    Hey Community :), after i mounted a CPL-filter on my Dome D201, i want to share a quick tutorial how to do this because there are only filters for the D202 or D205. :cool: 1. What i have bought: - A 37mm to 49mm step up ring (filteradapter) It has to be a one with inner diameter of 37mm...
  10. J

    Video of Golf Ball sent up to 95,500 Ft with Weather Balloon!

    My little brother and I launched a golf ball up to the mid-stratosphere with a weather balloon. Awesome experience! Check out the video here:
  11. J

    DIY Sending a Weather Balloon to 95,500 + Golf Ball!

    My little brother and I launched a golf ball up to the mid-stratosphere with a weather balloon. Awesome project! Check out the video from the sky here:
  12. U

    k1S & Cellink - Perfect together?

    OK, so I have been looking at the pros and cons of this camera. One requirement I have is parking mode. A drawback of this cam seemed to be that it doesn't have supercaps and the internal battery if left inside could either expand, damage the DVR unit, cause a fire in the vehicle, or...
  13. N

    Discreet and Uncentralized System?

    Intro: I'm new here, my car was hit and run and I am getting very interested in the Dash Cam solutions. So far I haven't found anything that would fit my needs. Do I have weird "needs" that no supplier targets? or is there a system out there that is perfect for me, but I haven't found it...
  14. Dale Mahalko

    Honda dash clock to display/phone mount?

    The older Honda car/SUV models have a digital clock in the center of the dash, which seems to have a very popular habit of going to hell and stopping working. But really, who cares about merely a clock anymore? I've been trying to find someone who might have come up with a USB power and camera...
  15. Dashmellow

    Mobius Remote Lens Eyeball Cam

    This project is a follow-up to the DIY “Mobius Remote Lens Tube Cam” I posted two weeks ago. Like that project, it was also created as a companion cam to the DIY “Low profile tripod thread windshield mounts” I posted about two weeks ago as well, with the goal of creating something small and...
  16. Ixson

    Transcend Drivepro 220 with CPL Add-on [DIY]

    I have been using transcend drivepro 220 for months, it's a good dash cam. However, there's always a reflection of the car dashboard and items on it appear on the windscreen which is then recorded in the video. To solve this problem, I bought an aftermarket CPL that the inner diameter of the...
  17. W

    DIY: Free- $5 Mobius Motorcycle Helmet Mount

    Hi all, Long time lurker. I got some great ideas from this forum and just wanted to share back some ideas. I purchased a Mobius camera and had it hard wired to my motorcycle. However, I had a mishap that ruined my wire, so I had to come up with a new way to mount it. Tools required: Scissors...
  18. T

    Repurposing a rear-mount camera

    I just received this product as a gift One of the items that it comes with is an optional rear license plate mounted camera. The problem is it requires drilling a hole to mount, and getting into the wiring (optional) to get it to work as a back-up cam as well. I lease a 2014 Mercedes, so any...