Max supported SD Card size

Thats the one I have, albeit a 128GB. Seems to work fine for long journeys. Time will tell.

They defo need to provide access to a maintained list.

OK thanks, that's reassuring.
I got it cheaper on one of Amazons Lighting Deal days.
I will see how it goes and probably get the 128GB version later if I decide to get the rear cam.
Agreed about having access to a maintained list.
Which ones then?

Happy to dump my 128 into the switch.
This is the place to go.

My card is;
128GB Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC Memory Card, Class 10, UHS-I Class 3 (U3), 100MB/s Read, 90MB/s Write, Adapter Included
Cost me £48 ------- and it operates faultlessly in my 512GW

(buy right - buy once).

In our testing Samsung cards haven't lasted as long or performed as well as other brands like SanDisk/Kingston, speaking with customers sometimes they use them with no errors at all.

SDcard's seem to be a minefield. Some have a specific make and model working perfectly whilst others have problems with it.

Wherever you look, different sites praise and denounce various cards and there doesn't seem to be one clear consistent winner.

I got a Samsung 128Gb U3 card from Scan that can read/write around the 90mbps mark. Never had any issues but if you read some online reviews they say that the fast cards can cause overheating and dashcams should be fed a U1 card that has a max read/write of about 50mbps to slow it down a bit !

One thing that is consistent though is the number of underperforming fakes being sold, even from Amazon, so if you're having issues with a card test it's real speed and capacity with one of the available PC tools.
It is unfortunately, and thrown in now is the absolutely colossal amount of fake cards.

Hey M8TJB do not have a go at me, I did not disbelieve anyone, least of all Nextbase.
Below is the exchange between myself and NB TIffany on this very Forum.

My post - Dec 28 2017
"because I will be fitting the rear cam as well Im considering a buying this card;
Samsung Extreme PRO 128 GB SDXC Memory Card up to 95 MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30
Tiffany, can you advise of its 512GW suitability please?"

Tiffany replied - Dec 30
"That card looks perfect - definitely recommend the 128Gb if you're looking for the rear cam it'll give you more time to play with."

I requested advice from the manufacturers representative and followed that advice to the letter.
Now less than 8months later I am informed the card that cost me nearly £50 'is not compatible'

How do you think how I feel about all this?


Yes - I agree that would be frustrating, can you email me so we can find out what is going on?

Do they maintain a list of compatible cards on their website and put a little note in the box to direct you to it and a link in the description online when you buy it.

If not they should do to save a lot of expense and time in the consumer.

We couldn't create a whole list of compatible ones as they may change without us knowing, especially if we link.

We have our own SD cards as a fail safe.

But as a rule, a genuine good quality branded SD card, 8Gb - 128Gb and class 10 should work. How long for will depend on many factors, they are consumables.
Yeah. It does feel like we are beta testers.

In other news I've just moved my front camera as I think it was blocking too much of zone 2. Really got it begind the rear view mirror now almost out of sight.

Where can we get more 3m from, what type is it?
We can send sticky replacements, either email us your address: or private message me it and I will get them sent.
Post Dec 28 2017
Information requested on a Sandisk Pro 128GB
But the card I purchased a Samsung Evo 128GB

Aug 9th
Tiffany did not inform me the Samsung Evo was not compatible.
That advice was provided by Ryan H Technical Support Engineer (who also received my request for the red stickers).

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

My profound apologies to Tiffany for questioning her professionalism.
For info.
Throughout April, May and June I drove nearly 5000km through France, Spain and Portugal with my 512GW operating daily.
The 128GB Samsung Evo card had been reformatted before I left the UK and the hardwired camera operating from the snows in the Pyranees to temperatures above 30C in Iberia.
The 512GW and Evo camera/card combo recorded perfectly throughout the entire road trip and my various journeys in the following 3 weeks prior to downloading.
Basically we need MLC memory based cards. Cheap TLC will die quicker. The smaller the card the quicker it will die as it will be rewriting more often .

Guess I'm in the market for a new card and I'll keep this one in the switch and the one in the switch in my surface pro. And the one in my surface pro into a new rasperberry pi. Lol
For the non technical members on here (like me)

TLC and MLC cards explained
Data in an card is stored as a bit, located in a physical cell.
MLC = multi level cell - can store 2 bits of date
TLC = triple level cell - can store 3 bits of data
If a TLC card can store 1.5 times more data then MLC cards of equal physical size it follows that the TLC card will degrade quicker and may only have a working life of 1/3 that of an MLC card.

Post #45 from Tiffany
"we have our own SD cards as a fail safe".
I expect she was referring to MLC cards, not the TLC cards we are all using?

In the perfect world Nextbase would be able to sell us the best SD cards for our cameras.
Maybe commercial restrictions prohibit such consumer based activity but Im sure Tiffany can explain everything in more detail.