Road Angel Halo HD


New Member
Jun 15, 2017
United Kingdom

FHD resolution, high quality video recording
Front camera includes CMOS imaging sensor allowing high quality FHD 1080p (1920 x 1080) recording at 30fps
Rear camera allows (1920 x 1080) recording at 30fps

Wide angle 140º
Horizontal wide angle camera lens

Built-in high sensitivity microphone
Voice recording along with video recording
Optional privacy button

Multiple recording modes
Real-time recording, Event recording, Manual recording

Built-in 3 axis acceleration sensor
Detects external impact using its 3 axis sensor and activates Event Recording

Built-in back-up battery
In the event of an accident, the Road Angel Halo will use its small internal battery to continue the event file recording*

Built-in GPS
Video recording with accurate location, date and time

Instructive User Interface
Provides LED indications, sound effects, and voice prompts

PC Application
Allowing product configuration and video playback

*Please note: If power is removed the length of the clip recorded will be determined by battery charge at the time of the event.