Street Guardian SG9665GCv2 Ultra Slow Boot on Cold Start


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Dec 27, 2015
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I have a Street Guardian SG9665GCv2 that I've had since around 2015 or 2016 (yes, I understand it's old, but am hopeful this camera can keep pressing on).

Lately, I've found that on a cold boot (starting the car first time in the day), it will take MINUTES to power on. I live in Texas, which isn't very cold to begin with. It seems that once the camera finally boots up, everything works fine, and the slow boot cannot be reproduced anymore until after several hours (when the camera has had a chance to cool back down).

During this power up "phase", the power light comes on, but nothing else--no REC/MIC lights, and no screen. When I hold the power button down and release, the power light will turn off. If I press the power button again, the power light will come on, but the unit does not boot.
When I remove the power from the camera, the power light will stay on (longer than usual), and the camera is unresponsive to the power button. The power light eventually goes out.

I've tried:
  • Upgraded firmware to latest version (SG20191111.V4)
  • Reset the camera through the menu
  • Formatted the memory card in my computer and also in the camera (I'm using a Lexar 633x). Running with no memory card does not seem to resolve the slow boot.
  • Replaced the USB power supply (the old power supply does not manifest this issue on another Street Guardian camera I have)
  • Toggling boot delay time options. Currently it's set at 5 seconds.
Does anyone have any other ideas on what I could try regarding this camera? Is the super capacitor bad? (is it user serviceable?)

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May 14, 2013
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It sounds like you tried just about everything, something else must be going on. I'll private message you some discounted replacement options. Check your dashcamtalk inbox shortly.