The Lukas LK7950-WD has landed - dual channel TI / Sony IMX322 dashcam with Wi-Fi - Ongoing review

The last one was Apr 14th.
Here's an example of the Lukas dropping footage in comparison to another camera:

It really doesn't like narrow roads with high trees that's for sure!

Both videos start at the same point but the Lukas just randomly drops footage as it can't write it to the SD card fast enough.
This one is pretty self explanatory showing the ongoing issue with the speed counter reading incorrect information.

140 miles shown on the trip computer, 174 miles logged by the Lukas.

Still no response from them as to whether they'll ever fix these problems - I really hope they will as stability has been fine otherwise with no focus issues in the heat etc.

IMG_3913.JPG vlcsnap-2015-05-07-21h51m13s47.jpg
By page 5 I was 99% set in buying this Lukas 7950. And just about hit the buy it now on ebay but im glad I decided to continue reading the last 2 pages here. Now I will hold off until I see Lukas has fixed the firmware.

reverend: Did you try driving that same road with the trees but disconnect or disable the rear camera so only the front camera is recording?

I would love to see if it still causes the lost file problem.
A clip with trees at around 80kmh.
No error here. This unit has worked great so far.

I have the 9750 duo with various problems regarding dropped frames trip meter way out and gps just not working I have emailed lukasseveral times in the last three months and and sent sample footage My las reply from Lukas was feb 23rd .......Ipol
That's not great mate - I'm guessing it's the same code base across the lot so hopefully when they fix it the issue should disappear across the range but radio silence like we're seeing always leaves me a little worried.

Didn't they upgrade you from a 9700 to the 9750 due to the issues you were already having as well?
@reverend Yes they very kindly did at no extra charge.... but unfortunately the 9750 has problems as well and all Emails since then have been ignored An acknowledgement to say they have the video samples and are working to address the situation would be the least they could do....I have sent via yahoo hotmail and Gmail but absolutely nothing.....Ipol......
The X2 is the closest I've personally used yet, they all have issues due to the complexities.

I've already put forward a recommendation to Lukas about how to fix the dropped video issue with dual camera cams but we'll see if it's a hardware limitation or something - you'd hope not.

I hope they fix it soon for you Ipol for sure and everyone else who buys these and is having problems
@reverend ......I hope so too its strange we were on first name terms as it were....It seems completely out of character......sorry for the late reply my lovely lady is in hospital having suffered a burst appendix plus other problems...I spend 7 to 8 hours a day at the hospital with her plus the journey time is an hour each the time I get back home I am bushed She has been in three to four weeks now and has at least another week there yet.At 77 years old I am feeling the strain o_O....Ipol......many more....thats not a dashcam I am familiar with hope its more reliable than my lukas :D
Oh jeez that's not good I hope your partner is improving - I've never been through that but understand it as serious at any age!

Is that over in France then? I hope she improves and you can get her home soon, hospital's aren't the nicest places to have to spend too much time.

Hopefully you can both have a rest when it's all over for sure!
Its the best place for her under the circumstances and yes its in france she is french and has had health problems for 4 or 5 years now but the latest was scary to say the least....Ipol
Well I'm back in the location that triggered CHK errors for fun and so far on Fi11 no issues on the same roads.

I'm back down here for the next two weeks now so I'll keep an eye on it to see if it happens again - strange though that it stopped with the CHK errors on the 12th May and they haven't happened since even though I didn't install Fi11 until the 15th May. Thinking back though I actually didn't have a card in the camera on the 13th May and then I didn't drive far on the 14th so that probably all helped.

I'll update this thread over the next two weeks but as things stand the fixed Fi11 firmware which resolved the audio problems is working better.