The person I am suing lawyer wants all past months worth of video

Discussion in 'Legal Questions' started by Dash Cam Enthusiast, Sep 11, 2016.

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    1. Understand that what lawyers request and what lawyers actually have a right to see, may be two different things. Your lawyer and / or the Court will advise you what you HAVE to disclose.

    2. Never talk to or correspond directly to the other parties lawyer. If they telephone or otherwise contact you, always refuse to speak to them and refer them to your own lawyer and pass anything received from them, or any requests they make onto your lawyer.

    3. Always take your own lawyers' advice, not theirs.

    4. A wise person never keeps their video clips other than those of significance, a) because it fills your hard drive, b) because there's no use for them and c) because no one can request or obtain anything other than the clip of significance if nothing else exists.
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    Are we still kicking this dead horse of a thread? :p

    If you read through the whole thread it seems clear enough what happened, and that we probably will not hear the end results from the OP due to their embarrassment :rolleyes: Or perhaps they're silent because of their present location's lack of internet access :oops:

    Karma is more than the name of a recalled drone :D
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