I've been rotating 2 Kingston Canvas Go! 32GB 90MB/s microSDHC Memory Cards Class 10 UHS-I U3 with FAT 32 for 4 1/2 years and no problems.
They've always been compatible with VIOFO firmware updates, etc.
I'll be installing it in my new A119 V3 this coming week probably by Wednesday..
UPDATE; Installed Firmware 2.5 with former sdcards went as smooth as silk.
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Very bad, a lot of flickering by night.
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Hello Guys! I bought 4 A119V3 and now I am playing with various settings.I saw a lot of footages with firmware 1.02.For me seems to be the best image firmware,because the firmware I tried 2.4 ,2.5 ,2.6T is WAY worse as I can see in footages published on you tube by various users.All the 4 pieces are recording the same TOO colorful and TOO HIGH SHARPNESS AND CONTRAST footage.Where I can find the 1.02 Fw?
Compared with A119V2 with BC Hobbyst firmware 7G, the actual footages day or night seems to be crystal-clear compared with STARVIS equipped V3...
Am I wrong or it is just me unlucky(okokok,but all 4 pieces???)
Waiting some answers from experts here...Thanks!!!
Ah, interesting, a pre HDR VVS Mod.

I don't remember this version.
UPDATE: Tried all firmwares.Conclusion: DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO ON TV using any kind of player or via full hd computer.EVERY method is bad because every good TV set has his optimum up/downscaling codecs and software.Playing the footages on TV set directly improves DRAMATICALLY the playback quality!!!!Now I think the best video quality daylight can be obtained with 2.6T.I will try it on night,but my opinion is that 2.6T for now offers the best video quality(1440 60 FPS,+1/3EV ,HDR=ON,Bitrate HIGH).
HDR has nothing to do with it. Propose to the government to change US-style license plates to European-style license plates.;)

It may come as a surprise to you but pretty much all of the Western hemisphere uses USA sized license plates, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and much of South America. This also applies to elsewhere in the world. Some countries have similar sized smaller plates but of different dimensions. Many Mideastern countries have the same or similar sized vehicle registration plates, as does Japan and Taiwan. Nobody's "proposal" to the "government" is going to achieve a change to European sized plates anytime soon, nor do I think most people would want to except maybe a tiny number of owners of a particular model of Viofo dash cam with an even tinier number of users of a particular piece of custom firmware who hail from European countries with a particual style of reflective surface plates.
The firmware is official.

That changes everything! :smuggrin:

Look, as a dash cam aficionado I would love to be able to capture plate numbers of oncoming moving vehicles at night but the likelihood that half the world will suddenly switch to large highly reflective plates anytime soon is basically zero, so unless there is a better technical solution, those of us in this part of the world are going to have to live without it.

I've also noticed that even with large European size plates only certain highly reflective ones in some countries seem to be captured very easily.