Yi hacked resolution 2304x1296 30fps 35Mbits

I really struggled with getting these to work on 1.2.13 - I had to downgrade to 1.2.12 and this one worked

#set video resolution to 1600x1200 60fps
#writeb 0xC06CC426 0x0C
Hello all, this is my first post on the forum (after spending 2 weeks of reading everything here).

I was wondering if it's worth it to increase the recording bitrate any higher than 35. I'm already at 35 and it looks much better than factory, but would 45 be worth it? Is there even a noticeable difference at 30 fps and 60 fps? My memory card can handle the write speed, I use a lexar 633x.
hello everyone here...

I found out that if you turned on the loop function with using custom firmwares or scripts that changing the resolutions or birates
the file splitting will be much more worse...

just realize this situation today when I turn off the looping function today...normally i use yi camera as dash cam...

is there anyone who also suffer from the issue, too?
(the bitrate of first recording might be normal but with the length becoming only seconds left, and the following files with much less bitrates remained. )
to all asking if more than 35mbit makes sence
yes it does if you turn of denoising
i was in cave with only few light sources and denoising was turned off. in this case there camera used high iso and there was lot of noise (denoising cleans noise and also details hence lower bitrate can be used) so more data is used to store that noise but 35mbit was not enough so i got compression artifacts (same as if you try recompress video to 4mbit for example) they were gone when i have plenty of light (lower iso /less noise).
i personally prefer noise over sharpening and denoising(loosing a lot of details)

i am using 2k resolution and temperature is not an issue for me
my question is do we have working 50mbit script/fw?

i updated my cam and bitrate is 22mbit actually
thank you
First of all we need to describe the word 'action' when we mention an action camera. And I'm pretty sure no secure action can be done in low light due to common-sense and safety reasons. Otherwise your cam is not an action cam but jackass/stupid cam. I'm not against being nuts (oh, yes I'm not) but just keep that in your mind.
And exploring a cave? It's action or not?
What's the current highest datarate? Thanks.
Just wanted to say Thank you for this useful Hack.

I also got a question, the US Version of the Yi seems to support 2K natively.
would it be possible to use that firmware aswell?
If the Yi gets hot, is it no clever to integrate a heat sink, for example as little piece of copper with arctic silver? Which ship would you say gets really hot?

could you please make full screen FPV for 1920 x 1080 30p? thank you very much.

This should work, I didn't try.

#set AV out 4:3 mode
#1080p 30
writew 0xC05C2D08 0x0403
This should work, I didn't try.

#set AV out 4:3 mode
#1080p 30
writew 0xC05C2D08 0x0403

Thank you very much for your reply and code. I think I understand the pattern of this full screen FPV script. The AV Out resolution address is add 4 hex from the resolution address supplied from here : https://github.com/PJanisio/Xiaomi_Yi_autoexec/blob/master/resolution/1.2.13/autoexec.ash.

The address of resolution for 1920 x 1080 30 p is 0xC05C2D04 so the address for AV Out is 0xC05C2D08. Am I right?
What firmware and scrip combo u guys using to get a recording of
2304x1296 35fps 35Mbits ?

Sorry my mistake ,I mean 30fps.
I tried different combinations,but on the settings still doesn't show at 30 but only at 25....
Can a slow sd card make the software not showing it the 30fps option on the menu? Thanx
Thanks switching to NTSC did the job and with stock firmware ,does mean that the videos wouldn't be 35Mbits unless now I apply the script?