YiMAX-PRO script.


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May 12, 2015
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Russian Federation
No more 'watercolor' look. The real 'flat' picture. Optimized bitrate settings.

This script provides video footage applicable for post-production needs.


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Hi Nutsey, thanks for your work!
What is needed to change YIMAX-PRO script for 1080p60 mode in these lines (using ABR@40Mbps).

#Set 1296p30 video mode, ABR, 40Mbps, .75 - 1.25 bitrate range:
writeb 0xC06CC426 0x02
writeb 0xC05C1EAC 0x05
writew 0xC05C1EB2 0x4220
writel 0xC05C1EB4 0x3f400000
writel 0xC05C1EB8 0x3fa00000

0xC05C1EB2 0x4220 - this sets bitrate to 40Mbps, should be replaced with 0xC05C1EE2 for 1080p60. But what about the rest?
This is so great. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks so much nutsey.
Are there any sample videos? Didnt had time yet to test it.

And could you also explain this:

while true; do
    #Enable AE/AWB/ADJ:
    t ia2 -3a 1 1 0 1
    sleep 1
    #Blink with wifi led:
    t gpio 114 sw out0
    t gpio 114 sw out1
    #Load settings from file:
    t cal -ituner load d:\goprawn.conf
Are there any sample videos?
No. But you can see the huge difference shown with GIF above (100% crops from video footage).

And could you also explain this:
My YiMAX-PRO script runs the loop containings the following commands:
1. Re-enable ae/awb/adj modules disabled after setting are loaded.
2. 1 sec delay to let the cam update its settings.
3. Short blink with the WiFi led to indicate the script is on.
4. Load settings to disable 'watercolor' look. This disables ae/awb/adj modules.
5. Goto 1 ;)
And how did you get those configs which are in
But where did you get the source/idea for it?
p.s. I would however maybe remove the wifi led thing (which i'm going to do) :p
One more comparison. Default settings (only bitrate matched) vs YiMAX-PRO script. Key (I) frames captured from original footages and zoomed to 300% using nearest neighbour algo.