1. T

    Yi Lite autoexec.ash commands

    Hey guys does anyone have some autoexec commands for the yi lite camera? I bought this camera on 11.11 on aliexpress it was on sale for 100 bucks with the waterproof case and its working nicely, but i want to push more out of that camera... I already emailed yi support about wanting a flat...
  2. N

    "t app key shutter" stopped working? (autoexec timelapse at boot)

    Hi all together, I've been reading in this incredible valuable forum for a while now, I even got my autoexec.ash up and running quite good with all the information found here. But now I'm totally stuck. Hopefully you can still assist here... My plan is to automatically start jpg captures for a...
  3. nutsey

    HDR expo bracketing script.

    Captures 3 JPEGs with 0EV, -3EV and +3EV exposure bracketing. More adjustments are added for extra details in shadows and highlights. Merge these JPEGs into one HDR using appropriate software.
  4. nutsey

    YiMAX-PRO script.

    No more 'watercolor' look. The real 'flat' picture. Optimized bitrate settings. This script provides video footage applicable for post-production needs.
  5. X

    How do certain command values affect the cameras performance? (i.e. EV, AWB, BLC, etc.)

    After much research and gathering bits and pieces of XY script here and there, I've built up my own basic script but would now like to tweak specific values. For instance, the color & saturation code... I'm trial-and-erroring, but it's becoming very grueling work, and sometimes I can't see the...
  6. P

    Latest FW 24Mbit without flashing + 6Mbit parking guard

    Instead of uploading a modified firmware you can use these scripts by just placing them on your sd card. Superfine 24Mbit: Place the autoexec.ash file on the root of your sd card. When you boot it up the superfine setting will be 24Mbit and will stay that way as long as you leave the file on...
  7. F

    Xiaomi Yi Z22L not responding to all scripts

    Hello, I have a Z22L xiaomi yi updated to the 1.2.13 firmware version and using the lastest version of the IOS Yi Action app. The issue I am having is that most of the scripts used in autoexec.ash files have no influence on the final video. To be clear some do work!! Such as turning the...
  8. C

    Z23L autoexec.ash does not work!?

    Hello, I just got my xiaomi yi this christmas. I got the newest firmware from Xiaomi 1.2.13 for my Z23L. And I have sucessfully readjusted the lens. For this little bit of moey the Videos look pretty cool. But then I have read about the autoexec.ash on this forum. This seems to be very...
  9. Squeamish

    About autoexec.ash files - for new users

    The Xiaomi Yi is a great little inexpensive camera! Some owners will enjoy using it as it comes out of the box. But, the rest of us would like to see if we can squeeze a little more value-per-dollar out of it. One way of doing that is by modifying the firmware for the camera. You can learn all...