1. David Sheets

    VIOFO A118 Not Loop recording

    My VIOFO A118 is not working properly. 1. not loop recording. It records until the card is full, and then says card full, and doesn't keep recording. 2. not recording in 3 min loops either. They are around 40 min or so each recording. Version: A118C2_20161008_V1.0
  2. Jrlivin2

    A118C nearly three years later

    I got two A118C’s with GPS from Gearbest during February 2015 almost immediately after they were released. They have both worked great for nearly three years. I did a firmware update during spring 2015 but other than that I haven’t touched them except to remove the SD cards to view videos...
  3. J

    A118C no video in files

    Guys, I've just got myself an A118C, ran it in my car for a day and plugged in it excitedly to check out the video. I was very disappointed with what i got. I plug the TF card into my PC and notice 4.75GB free of 31.2GB. obviously video has been stored on the card. Open the card and there's a...
  4. M

    Power cable for the A118 / B40 Wedge Dashcam

    Please can someone tell me how long the power cable is for this cam? I already have a dash cam and am looking to buy a 'rear cam'. I was wondering if the cable is long enough to go from the back of the car to the front. If not, does anyone know of a rear cam with a good long power cable?
  5. Jax Dash Cams

    Hardwire Problem

    I have two A118 (non-capacitor) cameras in my car - one will power up with a turn of the ignition key but the other won't. I've been powering them for the past year with a dual power port (cigarette lighter style) and wires dangling around in the cabin. I wanted to clean it up so I ordered two...
  6. moskoDK

    A redlight runner almost got me today.

  7. B

    not recording sometimes

    My A118 seems to be not recording sometimes. It is recording most of the time. For example today, I left work to get lunch. I checked the A118 and it said it was recording, yet when I pull the SD card, there is no footage. It recorded the trip back to work. It also missed my journey to work in...
  8. Vanquished

    What gauge is the cable & how long is it?

    Hey Everyone, I have the B40/A118 dash cam, bought from Gearbest. I recently purchased a new vehicle and unfortunately I only have 2 DC outlets now (and only one that is on/off with ignition). As a result of this I need to combine cellphone and dashcam to one outlet. Does anyone know what...
  9. T

    Is this really a A118C/B40C?

    Hello, I have done a lot of research into dash cameras and figured the best bang for my buck was the A118C as opposed to risking it and paying more for something that can fry under the sun and inevitably die. Now, I previously ordered an A118C as a gift and it arrived in a box that was...
  10. Coldfire

    Leased Vehicle

    Hey guys, My first time here. First off have to say I love this site. So helpful. I'm shopping around for a dash cam, and I'm really liking A118-C Capacitor Edition Car DVR Camera Recorder. The issue is, that my vehicle is leased, and I don't know if having the sticky mount would be an...
  11. esox07

    Looking for first Dash Cam

    OK, I have read a ton of threads and researched a ton of cameras. I am looking for a cam that that fits these criteria: $125 or less shipped Wide angle >130 degrees HD 1080p or better G-Sensor so it saves clip when there is an accident Loop recording Optional but desired: Parking monitoring...
  12. L

    Do these things actually work?

    I'll start with the simple question... do any of these Chinese DashCams ACTUALLY work? I bought a G1WC earlier in the year, and it was useless. Never recorded properly, had a mountain of corrupt files and would randomly turn on and off. I got my refund, and threw it in the bin. Last month I...
  13. SamKrin

    Unhappy Buyer from FoxOffer

    This was my first dashcam purchase so came to this site for a bit of insight and recommendations. I decided upon the B40 (A118) as it is one of the dashcams recommended, and bought it from FoxOffer via their eBay page/store as recommended on this site (https://dashcamtalk.com/b40-a118/). It...
  14. J

    A dashcam for a hot climate?

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to dashcams, and considering how "well" people drive in my country, i'm looking forward to buying one. I live in the Dominican Republic, especifically in the capital city. Temperatures here are almost always between 25 °C and 35 ° C, it rarely drops below 20 ° C and...