1. Adam3

    A118-C for $49.99 shipped

    Right now on GearBest you can get the A118-C (capacitor version) for $49.99 with free shipping. I just ordered one, so I can't really vouch for them but I post as the promo only runs in 6 days. You'll have to use this link otherwise it'll be $55. Found this on a turkish forum
  2. B

    New A118C cycling between Welcome and Goodbye screen

    I installed a brand new A118C last night and it was cycling between the Welcome and Goodbye screen. I reset the power and ground cord which got it working. Took a trip around the block to test. Got home, removed the memory card (new Samsung 64gb formatted by the unit) and it recorded fine...
  3. JongSun

    A118C / B40C final firmware version ?

    What is the final version of the firmware ? B40c.20150911.001 Where can I get the version from the above ?
  4. J

    Where to Purchase A118-C?

    After extensive research, I have decided that I would like to purchase: Two A118-C for the front and rear of my car. Two 32GB Class 10 SD Card, preferably the from the manufacture. I read the Transcend 32GB Class 10 SD Card was the manufacturers recommendation. One GPS. It's my understanding...
  5. M

    Formatted microsd (16gb) card almost full?

    I have just received my micro sd 16gb Samsung Evo, i noticed it doesn't hold much video as the card is nearly full. Formatted on pc first, put in A118C, i had card full errors. Got it to work finally, formatted on A11C, put in my pc showing almost full with only x10 clips. Is there something...
  6. M

    Firmware Flash question (A118C)

    Hey everyone, I want to flash my dash cam, do i copy the zip file to the root of the micro-sd only? or do i need to extract contents? The tut is not accurate and don't want to take the risk of bricking my new cam. Firmware download instructions sourced from this thread...
  7. Dominions

    ELEPHAS A118C 13 second sound repeating

    For Reference as Discussed in another Thread This is the repeating sound Issues I've experienced recently on a new Elephas A118C from Amazon. This tends to happen after a few hours none stop loop recording. Apart from the sound the Cigarette lighter caused issues with the radio and the...