1. R

    Can I install sticker mount to the rain sensor area?

    Hi guys, I want to install A118c dash cam with the sticker mount, and it looks the best right under the rain sensor area. However, i am not sure if the sticker mount wouldnt harm the area, when uninstalled. I already know, that it is fine to install it on dotted area, but this is a bit different...
  2. U

    AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Start Up Problem

    Hi guys, I have the AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Car Dash Cam which was purchased back in 2016. The camera was working great until a couple of days ago. I turn the camera on and all i'm getting is the Auto Vox start up logo. After that nothing is loading up, it's just stuck on the logo and nothing else...
  3. V

    A118C B40C from Gearbest problem with video

    Hi,guys. I have a problem with videos on A118C B40C. I've just bought it from gearbest and on my first attempts I realised that on playback videos are 4-5 times faster than normal. My sd card is 32GB Kingston Class 10. Both on the dashcam and on my laptop videos are playing 4-5 times faster. I...
  4. Mark S-H

    What is the extra socket for on the G1W-CB camera?

    Hi Guys, I have been using a G1WH for 2 years now. I consider this camera very good and it still works very well except that the USB connector is a bit loose and intend to buy and solder in a new connector to replace it. I wanted to try a A118C B40 camera and saw one on eBay for 30.88 GBP...
  5. R0tten

    Done some research and now I need to narrow it down

    I'm interested in a new dash cam. My previous Cobra CDR 820 was OK and I could read license plates to my satisfaction recorded with it, but it was not reliable towards the end. During less than a year I always had power issues where the camera would reboot. What I'm looking for is what almost...
  6. B

    Spy tec a118-c red LED constantly on

    Hi, I have a spy tec a118-c but the left side red LED most of the time stays constantly on and not blinking. Does anyone know why and if/how it can be corrected please? Many thanks in advance
  7. J

    A118C no video in files

    Guys, I've just got myself an A118C, ran it in my car for a day and plugged in it excitedly to check out the video. I was very disappointed with what i got. I plug the TF card into my PC and notice 4.75GB free of 31.2GB. obviously video has been stored on the card. Open the card and there's a...
  8. G

    CiBest A118C

    Has anyone purchased an A118-C from Amazon seller CiBest? Does anyone know who makes the parts they use? Are they selling re-branded devices? The reason I ask is because I bought one from this seller back in May 2016 and originally had bad static on the audio and now its developed into a...
  9. E

    Best SD Card for A118C?

    So i have a a118c and recently its stopped saving to my sd card, I'm presuming its dead. Looked up online and looks like other people have had issues with Sandisk and dash cams, Any recommendations for SD Cards that will work well and hopefully not die within a few months? Going to contact...
  10. T

    A118C hardwire problems (2011 Qashqai)

    Hi. I recently purchased a A118C, which I have been running successfully from the cigarette lighter in my 2011 Nissan Qashqai with the supplied USB cable. Meanwhile I ordered a hardwire kit from ebay, it's now come, and I took the car to a local fixer to hardwire it all in. The hardwire is run...
  11. F

    A118C or G1W

    Hi, I was looking for an inexpensive dash cam to take with me on my next vacation to Iceland to film the road while driving. I'm only recording during daytime but the weather conditions can vary. I've been reading several of the reviews and I have more or less narrowed my choice to A118C (now...
  12. E


    Hey Guys! I recently purchased the Auto-Vox A118C model from amazon after seeing impressive sample clips and reviews from YouTube and the web! To clarify, i purchased from Auto-Vox amazons page and not some fake one of eBay/copy model! Link: You can see the reviews are even good! I received...
  13. N

    Viofo A118C

    Hi, I just got my first dash cam this week (A118C), and I seem to have 2 problems. 1. The time keeps on moving back 1 hour after the dash cam turns back on. 2. I can't find a setting to change from KM/H to MP/H. P.S. Is it possible to change the time from 24h to AM/PM?
  14. B

    Argh - so confused! Any advice appreciated!

    Hi all, If anyone can help me consider the most suitable camera to buy after considering my needs below that would be much appreciated. I've previously used an Itronics ITB-100HD, which from what I recall did everything well except perhaps night time video quality. I'm now looking to...
  15. F

    Washed-out A118C display

    Hi Folks, My very first post! The display of my year-old A118C (bought from Foxoffer on eBay) now has a washed-out look. Daytime video is ok but that for nightime has deteriorated from when the dashcam was new. The links for the pics of the display are...
  16. S

    Best quality generic capacitor camera

    Hello all, I need to buy two cameras for my friends car. I'm really happy with my SG street guardians bit it's out of the budget at the moment. Hoping to spend up to $100 each. I'm based in Australia and I know heat is a killer so looking for the best quality Chinese cameras with a...
  17. T

    Is this really a A118C/B40C?

    Hello, I have done a lot of research into dash cameras and figured the best bang for my buck was the A118C as opposed to risking it and paying more for something that can fry under the sun and inevitably die. Now, I previously ordered an A118C as a gift and it arrived in a box that was...
  18. dashtalk

    A118C New firmware A118.20160130

    Thanks @xosevp there seems to be a new firmware for A118C from viofo.com http://www.viofo.com/download/firmware/a118c/20160130/A118C_20160130.zip
  19. aprilia

    A118C "NoGPS" Problem...

    -------------------------------- EDIT: The problem solved with new firmware: 20160130 or 20160316 -------------------------------- I have a problem with gps or cam; or both of them. I purchased them from different sellers on ebay. I had a trouble with cam about high-piched noise early. My gps...
  20. S

    A118C (New) loses settings, except date/time

    Hey all I just went from a G1W-CB to the A118C.. with the new A188C I noticed that after I go through the menu and make changes to the settings, those settings don't save after I turn the camera off and back on again. However, the date and time maintain their correct setting. I also noticed...