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  1. N

    Modification of the Xiaomi YI Action system partition

    Hello all I have been trying unsuccessfully to unpack the firmware for Xiaomi YI Action camera for several weeks. I want to unpack the system partition. Extracts individual partitions with the AFT program. LNX.a7s unpack using All files are the same as on...
  2. el Producente

    DJI Osmo Action Camera

    DJI is about to release an Action Camera soon. It looks similar to a GoPro and will feature a waterproof housing. In contrast to GoPro the front facing screen will also display images. Find the first specs and photos here:
  3. F

    Dash Cam vs Action Camera

    Hello, Can someone please make some suggestions if Dash Cams have benefits compared to Action Cameras? I plan to buy a Wifi capable 4K 60fps camera and install into my car, and capture its image onto my phone and use it for image processing tasks. Any advice is highly welcome! I was thinking of...
  4. BCHobbyist

    GitUp G3 Duo Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include GitUp G3 & F1 4K Action Cameras plus A129 Duo, A119S, A119, & A119PRO Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post your comments, questions, ideas & footage below. This post will be updated with all future MOD...
  5. TonyCams

    Top 10 Native 4K Action Cameras for 2018

    Hi guys, I know this may be very subjective, but, let's try to list out the best 2018 action camera releases. GoPro will probably top the list, but, you never know.... Specs, pricing, support, and video quality should all factor in. Please try to link to the manufacturer sites instead of GB...
  6. Gapioza

    YI Z23L weird bars in light sources [Problem]

    Hi! I have a problem with my sports cam Xiaomi YI Z23L. In videos, which I record by this cam are weird black bars in sources of light, and reflections (example on picture). Anyone has same problem? Are you fixed it? How?
  7. sachin390

    What are the dimensions of ThiEye T5e action cam battery?

    I want to know the exact dimensions of ThiEye T5e battery, that is the length , breadth and height in mm. Anyone with a T5/T5e can help me. Based on this I can get some other battery that fits in my T5e. I am not able to source stock batteries.
  8. Blink Blink

    SJcam S7 Star With External Microphone

    Purchased a SJCcam S7 star with an external microphone a while ago. To be honest, it has performed way beyond my expectations (video clarity and voice quality). My only headache is the wind noise it picks in my helmet (when the helmet is open slightly or I am riding on the motorway).
  9. C

    First action camera with built-in 3-Axis Gimbal

    Introducing the first action camera with built-in 3-Axis Gimbal and Image Stabilization Software that delivers stunning results. Here are some outstanding features you...
  10. A

    Action Camera Xiaomi Yi Desktop App 2nd Version - Low Latency Live Stream

    Hello members of DashcamTalk, I want to introduce my Action Camera Xiaomi Yi Desktop App. You can download it from : It is Free App. Stay tuned to this project. I will update the features...
  11. Tipeye

    Weekly Giveaway to win an action camera

    Do you know when it's Chinese Valentine's Day? It's August 28 2017. For celebrate this day, ODRVM organize a giveaway on Facebook to win a similar action camera SJCAM. Here is details the giveaway link : Giveaway
  12. cf02

    Hi everyone! WIMIUS here. Check out for new deals and discount codes on our action camera.

    Hi there! We're WIMIUS, a action camera manufacturer situated in Shenzhen. We would love to share our products and knowledge in this forum. If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask! We start our journey in this forum by posting our first discount code. It's about a product that you all...
  13. D

    Garmin VIRB X Timelapse Test Video

    I got a Garmin VIRB X to use as a dashcam in place of my Garmin 35. The idea is to get a wider view angle plus more storage efficiency from timelapse. I previously used a VIRB Elite as a dashcam but that model isn't meant to run off USB and worked inconsistently. The X and XE are supposed to be...
  14. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Video Thread

    Some Videos from the pre-production Gitup G3 Duo (Git3): Testing the Gyro Stabiliser on my bicycle over rough road, includes rear camera footage: Testing the Gyro Stabiliser with 2.2x zoom while walking: Gitup G3 Video (approaching view) mixed with DJI Phantom 4 video (air) and Gitup Git2...
  15. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Photo Thread

    Some Photos and frame grabs from the Gitup G3 (Git3):
  16. Tipeye

    Can the action cam be used for drone

    Hello, my nephew has a cheap action cam 4K (I forget the brand) , and I want to buy a drone for him. Do you have suggestions for this? Which rc is good for this cam?
  17. T

    Elecam Explorer S?

    Hi I have tried to ask this question from Elephone but they simply do not respond. Can somebody tell me, the Elecam Explorer S shows in it's specifications that it has a 8mp sensor. Then why is it advertised as being able to take it's 16mp stills? Also. Is the Elecam Explorer S the latest...
  18. T

    sjcam sj7 star accessories & alternative products

    so i bought a sjcam sj7 star itsa good camera i had firmware i think it was 1.05 but i updated to the latest 1.13 which fixed some issues thankfully. so i want to buy accessories but there isnt much available specific to the sj7 star so im finding it difficult to find anything i would like. im...
  19. D

    Thieye t5e or sj6 legend?

    Which one is much better? Im planning to buy one of this but im not sure which one is worth the price. And have the best performance and quality overall ? Or any other suggestions below $120. Im don't really care about the 4k though.
  20. D

    Thieye t5e or Sjcam SJ6 Legend?

    Which one is much better? Im planning to buy one of this but im not sure which one is worth the price. And have the best performance and quality overall ? Im don't really care about the 4k though.