1. C

    audio problem

    I have a ddpai x2 pro, I activated the function record video with audio but I find video on the SD card have no audio, how can I solve?
  2. A

    B1W Audio Issue

    I'm new to the dash cam world. I've always wanted to get one, especially after a 5 car freeway pileup I was apart of last year! I just purchased the Blueskysea B1W from Amazon and so far I like it. The video quality is okay, sometimes it's hard to make out license plates even when a car is...
  3. S

    Quiet beeping in audio until Save button pressed? (A119S V2)

    I was listening back to some recordings recently using headphones, and I noticed that there's a quiet, regular beeping present in the audio of recorded files. It's not a beep like the beeps you get when you press the buttons (I have the button sounds disabled anyway), it's a much lower level...
  4. B

    Dashcam with best microphone / audio qaulity?

    Hi, I'm looking for a dash cam that has good picture quality and needs to have good quality audio or the ability to add a external microphone, Budget £150 Currently have two Transcend DP200 but ever since updating from V1.22 to V1.26the audio of a lack of a better word has been s**t. Granted...
  5. C

    Looking For it all, Emphasizing: Night Vision (IR), audio, F&R and Quality

    I make videos of my escapades working as a cab driver. I would link my content but I think that's kinda rude, if you'd like to see what I'm working with now, I'll PM you. I'm looking for a bit of everything but IR nightvision, audio quality, front and rear recording, and video quality are of...
  6. dagodoy

    Git2 Audio Processing issue

    Hi Everybody!!! I bought the Git2 Pro camera and I'm very happy with it. I found a very disappointing issue: Audio recording Processor. The mic volume decrease down suddenly when a hard sound is recorded by the camera. It's ok that it decrease the volume a few seconds to avoid saturation but...
  7. T

    Yi Action Camera had bad audio during video playback (not bluetooth issue)

    Hi Everybody, This is my first time posting as I recently purchased a Yi Action Camera. My issue is that during video playback, my audio has this horrible noise in the background (it sounds worse with the waterproof casing). Here's how it sounds: (I have some...
  8. Najeem

    Audio stops recording

    I have blackvue 650 2ch and for some reason the audio randomly stops recording. I have to restart the camera for it to start recording audio again or activate it using the motion audio sensor. Here are the steps i have taken so far but the problem still exists. -Format SD Card -Put tape on...
  9. I

    web cam audio question

    hello ! i have problem or question about webcam function, i have last firmware version 1.3 and i try to connect cam on 2 different pc s with win7 os. One is 64bit another one is 32.. but problem is with audio driver. When win find driver (DEMO) and update it for video and audio ,that drivers...
  10. Monge

    Crackling audio - Noise Problem

    Hello, I am having the so called WIFI interference audio problem, but it happens even if wifi is turned off. The crackling sound is the same as in the video below. I've tried the tape fix, but it still happen. Anyone else had the same problem? Ideas? Thank You!
  11. E

    0806 developed an audio issue

    Hey guys, my 0806 started making a loud buzzing noise because it overheated in the hot aussie weather. After i unplugged it, it seemed to work okay, but the audio in the video now has a buzzing noise and video gets abit choppy. I've reset it but no luck. Also sometimes it will keep booting in a...
  12. M

    Intermittent audio problem

    I bought the camera a couple weeks ago, and it's been otherwise just great, the only problem is I've been getting a weird audio feedback noise in the recordings. The strange thing is it isn't constant, I can't really do much to diagnose it since I only know the sound problem is there when I...