connection issue

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    WiFi connection with my iPhone 11

    I’ve just bought a Nextbase 522 and have a couple of questions. When I start my car should my iPhone 11 automatically link to my dashcam? Also when I manually try to connect them the iPhone informs it has connected, the dashcam indicates a connection by icon but an error message ‘connection...
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    Connect via Wi-Fi

    Received my Blackvue 900s last week and trying to connect via WiFi from my Android phone (Version 9). The instructions and details online just say "open your WiFi connection and it's there". No it isn't. I have updated the firmware for the device, the voice says WiFi is on and the WiFi light...
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    U1000 connection into Cellink Neo

    Hi, I have a Thinkware U1000, and a Cellink Neo. My problem is that I have only the following cable for the Thinkware dashcam, what connects to fusebox. How can I connect the dashcam into the battery. Can I modify this cable to connect somehow into the battery or I have to get an another...
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    Problem with connection

    Hi, i am trying to connect my 312gw to my s10 but it connects with no internet so i cannot progress.
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    [Hardwire Kit] Cam only turning on with ACC and Battery having power

    Hey, I'm installing this dashcam for my dad and several unfortunate circumstances led me to be working for well over 15 hours and yeah - it's still not working. My current problem involves the hardwire kit. The cam works and turns on, but only if the ACC and the Battery both get a current at...