1. R

    A129+ with cpl, better 30 or 60 fps?

    Hey, I'm thinking of buying the A129 Plus Duo, and adding a cpl filter to the front cam (i don't want a dashmat). Main reason i was looking into the A129+ is that it can record 2K@60 fps. My thought here was that with 60 fps you get more frames. So if a oncoming car is within "licence plate...
  2. BCHobbyist

    Easy CPL Filter Alignment Procedure

    Created this CPL Alignment video after noticing dash reflections reappearing in road footage clips caused by the CPL shifting after one year of use. The Alignment method in this video uses the Dashcam's LCD screen for a quick an perfect DIY repair.
  3. H

    CPL Filter Installation Question

    I purchased a CPL filter for my M6 Plus. It did not come with an arrow indicating installation direction as noted in other posts on the filter. My question is, does it matter which direction the filter is installed? I've looked through the filter from the back at a couple of different bright...
  4. hultaj

    [DIY- the easiest way] CPL for mini 0801s

    It is very easy and looks like the oem. You can adopt this idea with other dash cams with protruding lens. so let's start. lens in 0801s is small. the smallest cpl I have found was 24mm- still too big for 0801s. BUT it has a metal ring inside it. All You need to do is go to a store and buy...
  5. K

    Bluish colour?

    Hey guys, I've recently installed one of these viofo a119 and I'm not very happy with the video quality of it. The colour is very blue and the colours aren't vibrant at all. Everything else is working fine just the images aren't a good colour. Does anyone know how to fix this? Would it be a CPL...
  6. BCHobbyist

    A119 vs A119S + options & image quality & Mods

    These two wedge dashcams are very similar in some ways but different in the critical ones. My VIOFO wedge research continues needing some input by owners. What is the outer circular lens housing diameter for both A119 & A119S ? 16mm / 17mm? What is the max bit rate for each when the current...
  7. Mtz

    Viofo CPL filter comparisons on Viofo A118C2, A119, A119S

    At youtube description you can find the original videos for download. As you can see, during day the reflections are not completely removed at the bottom of the windshield. Anybody who can post comparisons in this thread is welcomed. enjoy, Mtz
  8. N

    Discrete, hot climate cam with CPL and at least 2.5k images

    I welcome user recommendations on a discrete dash cam for warm climates. It must have a super capacitor, high res images, CPL, GPS and ideally a tripod mount and provision for a Lithium battery and waterproof case for action cam use. A JooVuu X was purchased 4 months ago as it appeared to...
  9. sinaloaeshop

    Is there a CPL or POLARIZED filter for the DAB205

    I have seen videos and it looks like it helps a lo to have filter. Can someone confirm if it helps and know if there is someone who sells it for the DAB205
  10. Ixson

    Transcend Drivepro 220 with CPL Add-on [DIY]

    I have been using transcend drivepro 220 for months, it's a good dash cam. However, there's always a reflection of the car dashboard and items on it appear on the windscreen which is then recorded in the video. To solve this problem, I bought an aftermarket CPL that the inner diameter of the...
  11. Senjaya

    Perfect Solution! CPL filter for G90.

    Hello. I just want to share what I believed was a perfect solution to install cpl filter to g90. What you need: CPL filter size 52mm Filter Adapter 37mm-52mm 3M Double side Tape Simply stick the 3M to the adapter as following DON'T PEEL THE 3M TAPE, IF YOU DON'T WANT PERMANENT...