1. Davekyn

    Motion Detection Issues

    We have chosen the lowest sensitivity setting for Motion detections, yet leaves slowly blowing in a tree 10 metres away in the rear camera are setting it off or a bird quickly flying past 20 metres away. This means the motion detection is going off several times per minute. It does not seem to...
  2. M

    Thinkware U1000 cannot pair using thinkware cloud

    Hello, I am having connectivity issues with my recently purchased Thinkware U1000 front and rear dash camera with an iVolt mini to power it purchased from Thinkware Canada on Amazon.ca. When attempting to pair the camera using the Thinkware Cloud app on my Samsung Note 9 I can get through...
  3. ENK2302

    Maybe I am just stupid.

    But I can connect to the dashcam using my android phone, I can manage this with the thinkware9f direct wifi connection. Can connect to the cam using the hotspot option on my phone. My stupidity comes from my absolute inability to connect to the cam when it is connected to a Huawei portable wifi...
  4. fchar

    Key Lock dashcam/GPS mount?

    Hello everyone, I just joined this community, I hope to share and contribute! I would like to ask something maybe not too frequent for dashcam and GPS owners: I'm considering a few"Uber" dashcam models to buy one soon (Vantrue N2 Pro, Viofo 129 Duo IR, Anker Roav Duo), as well as a 5'' Garmin...
  5. C

    Keyless entry doesnt work after dash cam install with power magic pro

    I just recently installed my cobra 2216d dual dash cam in my 2014 chevy cruz. I ran power off my interior fuse box. My constant power is coming from an unused fuse and my accessory power is coming from the cigarette lighter fuse. The power is running to my power magic pro unit and then to the...
  6. Majsco

    Dual Use Action & Dash Cam

    Hello all, I'm looking for a camera i can use as both a dash cam and an action cam. The idea is that i could use it daily in my car hardwired in but then when I arrive at my destination i could remove it from my car, change the SD Card and use it as an action cam preferably with a chest strap...
  7. U

    AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Start Up Problem

    Hi guys, I have the AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Car Dash Cam which was purchased back in 2016. The camera was working great until a couple of days ago. I turn the camera on and all i'm getting is the Auto Vox start up logo. After that nothing is loading up, it's just stuck on the logo and nothing else...
  8. G

    Dashboard Glare

    Here is sort of a side-topic on getting the best videos out of your dash-cam. I have a Honda CR-V with a black dashboard. I recently took it to a detail-er to do a complete job on the vehicle. I removed the camera before leaving it there. When I got it back, it looked like a brand new vehicle...
  9. R

    What dash cam should I buy?

    Hi, I am looking for a dash cam which works also when the car is off but I haven't found any yet. Does someone know where can I look for, please? Thanks in advance, Robert
  10. J

    How to remove/reduce dashboard glare with A119?

    I have A119 set up on 2016 Civic. It's good but I am not sure of how to get rid of dashboard reflection on windshield. One solution I see is to cover the dashboard with black cloth, but I'm not up for it. I would rather live with dash reflection instead of doing something drastic. Anything else...
  11. SprinterboyAus

    DC/VA/MD Dash Cam Compilation

    G'day everybody. I just installed the Goluk T3, really happy with it so far. Its been running for a bit over a week now with zero issues. Hardwired and it has "parking mode" which is nice and a little "Capture" remote button that helps you keep small bits of footage if you see something worth...
  12. Mozzie

    Red light is not for me

    This jerk lives in his own world and disregards every rule.
  13. winter4w

    My Dash Cam Setup

    Thought I should share my dash cam setup since I have been asked about it :)
  14. vivid

    Please Help Me Choose A New Dash Cam

    Hi, I'm looking for a new dash cam with the following features: Parking mode G-Sensor 1440p resolution @ 30 or 60 fps Adhesive mount Ability to use a hardwiring kit for parking mode and continuous recording; I do not want to plug it into the cig. lighter Very good video quality during the day...
  15. F

    Hey all- looking for a sub $100 dual camera setup (2x G1W-C?)

    Hey everyone- new member here. I am looking for either a single all in one unit or two individual cameras (Want to record Front and Back) that can do the following for $100 or less in total: -Built in LCD Screen w/ Menu -Record 1080p (25 or 30fps is fine) -Good daytime quality video (or better)...
  16. RapidFireXVI

    Hello, RapidFireXVI here.

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the dashcam scene. I got my first one last year after getting into a car accident. It wasn't my fault, but I wanted to still have the extra protection of having a dash camera. I've been through so many trying to get a decent one at a decent price. They can be seen...
  17. B

    Short dash cam cord

    Hello everyone, I recently installed my dual Blackvue DashCam. Unfortunately, the cord that connects the front camera to the back camera is short by about 30 centimetres. Does anyone know where I can buy a female to male cord so I can connect the existing cord to the rear dash camera. Any other...
  18. Puga

    Acura cuts it close, almost hit by delivery truck

    Saw this the other day and had to share...
  19. A

    Motorcyclist Can't Handle The Heat From This Fort McMurray Wildfire

    Leaving Beacon Hill May 3rd 2016 at 2 PM biker trys to shield himself from th heat with a truck and then quickly takes off to get away from it... I can't even begin to imagine how horrifying that was to go through!
  20. Bucksend

    Amacam Hardwire Kit Fitting(Sorry!)

    Hi all, First off, I know this topic has been covered over and over but I am really struggling to find out what I need to, most topics end up talking about fuse replacement/piggyback kits... So I was bought a Dash Cam (Amacam M-80) and hard wire kit for my birthday and want to install it. I am...