1. jadohogan

    Jado D750 dashcam

    JADO D750 Dashcam , baby mirror design , sweet gift for girls and family . Chipest: AIT 2.7' TFT screen , HD 1080P , 140 wide angle lens G-sensor, Motion detection, Seamless & loop recording , LDWS (lane depature warning system ) Color : Red , Blue , Gray
  2. jadohogan

    JADO D650S rearview mirror dashcam, front and rear camera

    JADO D650S rearview mirror dashca , front and rear camera , park rear video . 4.3"LCD anti-glare blue mirror Support Front & Rear camera , park rear video Full HD1080P , 500 million pielxs, 1200million image pielxs G-sensor , motion detection, seamless & loop recording
  3. jadohogan

    JADO Tech D780 dashcam

    JADO Tech just launched D780 dashcam 4.3"LCD screen - fashion super slim design HD 1080P ,Night vision F 1.9 Super big aperture LDWS - lane depature warning system G-sensor , motion detection, seamless & loop recording One buttom for all the operation and setting If interest, pls contact...
  4. CD55

    Bought a PowerNow! dashcam

    My G1W-C has always had a temperamental USB port. I more often then not have to fiddle with it to get the unit to power up. Of course it always has a date keeping issue also. Other then that it has been a solid dashcam. My wife was watching HSN and said "Hey look at this" and they had the PN...