1. Ollivander

    Looking for a front/rear cam that operates when the car is off to catch acts of vandalism

    My car has been vandalized twice now. The first time the license plate was vandalized, and now the back window and the license plate were vandalized again. I'm looking for a dash cam that will act as a surveillance system to catch the vandals that keep vandalizing my car. Could anyone help with...
  2. A

    Xiaomi Yi Camera LCD display & backup battery set

    Hi guys! Finally i found and LCD display for the Yi camera, it's cheap cost about $45 but i'm not sure :confused: because the screen is kinda small? just 1.5 inch. Here is the LCD: http://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras-sport-dv-accessories/pp_246014.html?vip=62066 Have someone got his LCD...
  3. K

    G1W-CB Beeping Noise Issue During Playback

    I just purchased a G!W-CB from ebay and everything seems to be working just fine. The only issue I'm having is why I keep having this beeping noise during my playback recordings? It sounds like a static sound in the background. If anyone has had a similar issue or has found a solution, PLEASE...
  4. K

    Dashcam mode - Rotated image hint

    Just want to give a hint if you use your Yi upside down as a dashcam. In that case you might need to use the rotated image. The image is rotated at the end of image processing, I mean after the light metering. In some situations (driving toward the sun and the sun is low) the road and the other...
  5. Sunny

    Review: 2nd Batch-BULLETHD BIKER PRO, 1080p, Wi-Fi, Water Resistant Motorcycle Camera DashCam

    @Pier28 sent 2nd batch of the BulletHD BIKER PRO camera. Here's link to my review of the 1st batch: Review: BULLETHD BIKER Riding Camcorder, 1080p, Wi-Fi, Water Resistant Motorcycle DashCam ********* Quick links: Daytime screenshots Daytime videos Night screenshots 2nd batch package looks...
  6. P

    Chance for payback on drivers who break the law?

    Long time lurker here on this site and I thought you guys would like to know about something I saw on kickstarter...... Someone has invented a dashcam which can send footage to police from your car. Anyway here is the link for anyone who is interested...
  7. OmoP

    How long b4 a dash cam drains the car battery?

    First time poster here... I would like first to give thanks to several members on this forum including @Sunny @jokiin @Dashmellow @niko @kuoh & many more. I don't know much about dash cams but after watching several YouT vidz & going thru threads on this forum, I feel much more informed. Upon...
  8. cdmonline

    Real time GPS mapping whilst playing dashcam video

    I found a way to convert the GPS track data produced on my Mini 0806 dashcam to a Google map to show the route that was taken using the http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ web-site, which is really cool. However, I'd really like to see if there is a way to show the dashcam video AND live GPS tracking...
  9. J

    A dashcam for a hot climate?

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to dashcams, and considering how "well" people drive in my country, i'm looking forward to buying one. I live in the Dominican Republic, especifically in the capital city. Temperatures here are almost always between 25 °C and 35 ° C, it rarely drops below 20 ° C and...
  10. jadohogan

    Shenzhen Jado - the most professional & leading dashcam manufacturer

    Shenzhen Jado - the most professional & leading dashcam manufacturer in China, supply Jado brand product, OEM & ODM service Jado short introduction as below : Product include : Rearview Mirrror dashcam, Mini dashcam Company located in Shenzhen City, Areas over 10000 sqm Production capacity...
  11. camera800

    Specifications mini 0901. Available in UK

    Available in http://www.hddashcam.co.uk/product/mini-0901-hd-wifi-camera-car-with-free-samsung-evo-microsd-card-32gb-plus-hardwire-kit/ Specifications: Display screen: 2.0 inch FHD TFT Chipset AIT chipset (1080P FHD) Wifi Function Built in Support Parking guard function Lens parameter 6G...
  12. Peicheck

    Subaru Impreza speeding

    Hi! I just got a Xiaomi Yi and used it as a dashcam yesterday, and I saw aSubaru Impreza, it was very imprezive :D If on my first day I catched this, can't wait to catch more nice thingys :D
  13. R

    Problems with Night Recording As Dash Cam

    I have an SJ4000. I took a trip down to Manchester and set my SJ up as a dash cam. In the day light I ended up with 10 x 10min cyclic recordings 10.4 Gb For the return journey I ended up with 117 files 3.2Gb with the files running from 10 minutes down to 30 seconds. The only settings that I...
  14. jadohogan

    Jado D750 dashcam

    JADO D750 Dashcam , baby mirror design , sweet gift for girls and family . Chipest: AIT 2.7' TFT screen , HD 1080P , 140 wide angle lens G-sensor, Motion detection, Seamless & loop recording , LDWS (lane depature warning system ) Color : Red , Blue , Gray
  15. jadohogan

    JADO D650S rearview mirror dashcam, front and rear camera

    JADO D650S rearview mirror dashca , front and rear camera , park rear video . 4.3"LCD anti-glare blue mirror Support Front & Rear camera , park rear video Full HD1080P , 500 million pielxs, 1200million image pielxs G-sensor , motion detection, seamless & loop recording
  16. jadohogan

    JADO Tech D780 dashcam

    JADO Tech just launched D780 dashcam 4.3"LCD screen - fashion super slim design HD 1080P ,Night vision F 1.9 Super big aperture LDWS - lane depature warning system G-sensor , motion detection, seamless & loop recording One buttom for all the operation and setting If interest, pls contact...
  17. CD55

    Bought a PowerNow! dashcam

    My G1W-C has always had a temperamental USB port. I more often then not have to fiddle with it to get the unit to power up. Of course it always has a date keeping issue also. Other then that it has been a solid dashcam. My wife was watching HSN and said "Hey look at this" and they had the PN...