1. J

    Looking for a very good 2CH dashcam not too pricey, no Viofo...

    Hi everybody, It feels a bit like mission impossible after studying many dashcams but let's give it a try here. My Viofo A119V2 (in the beginning I thought it was a V3, but the website information was not accurate I guess) is approaching end of life. USB connection gets buggy and night time...
  2. shinnen

    Eivotor dashcam stops recording video after about 23 minutes

    Hi all, I have an Eivotor dashcam (which I can find very little information on), which hangs (video wise) at 23 minutes. The audio however, seems to continues recording until it completes the 55 minute cycle (4.189 gigabytes). I have cut the video portion (23minutes) out of one of the mov...
  3. K

    SD Card for the VIOFO

    Hey guys, I've looked into this a little bit and it seems like it has been an issue for a while.... but is there a reason that the VIOFO dashcams are so picky with any micro SD card that is not the Sandisk Extreme, Max Endurance, or the VIOFO brand SD cards? I bought the Samsung Endurance Pro...
  4. jfsoto1988

    Bah Dah Pah Pah Pah, I'm running the red.

    Red light run just to go Mcdonalds. Is the McRib back? Is the Shamrock Shake back? What is the Happy Meal toy of the month? :confused:
  5. jfsoto1988

    Why would I want to sell a dashcam video?

    A few days ago I witness a traffic collision at a street intersection. There were many witnesses but I may have been the only one with a dashcam. I couldn't stay in the accident scene but I uploaded it to Youtube as soon I got home. Hopefully the parties involved were able to use it. Today I...
  6. Jeff_Vantrue

    Vantrue N4 Pro 4K 3 Channel Dash cam (Sony STARVIS2 )

    In the Dash cam industry performance reaches 4K STARVIS2 3 Channel Dashcam has almost no display screen, Vantrue has always insisted on display design, to achieve better human-device interaction, Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro design 3.19-inch hairtail screen, in parking mode select monitoring area lock...
  7. D

    70mai D07 Wide dash cam Chinese language problem

    I have 70mai D07 Wide dash cam the problem it's only Chinese language i want to change the language to English or Turn the speaker volume off i try to make it from app but there is only ( low - medium - high ) but there is no off and i can't find english firmware and the chinese firmware i...
  8. C

    Fusebox piggyback, no space.

    I've got a dashcam that requires a wire into the always live and another wire into an ignition fuse (As a side question, could anyone tell me why it needs both? I just want the dashcam to record when I turn the ignition on, so can I just wire it into the ignition?) If I am going as per the...
  9. CurlyBlonde

    I need your help identifying this dashcam model.

    Hello, new member here. I am trying to identify this dashcam and from what I've seen on the internet so far, there are a couple of models that differ ever so slightly so it's really hard to pin point it. As you can see from the images I've included, the same form factor differs from one to the...
  10. S

    Ddpai mola n3

    Does the Non-GPS version od DDPAI Mola N3 shows car speed in the recorded footage? Anyone please answer.
  11. HopWorks

    Dash Cam that Streams RTSP via WiFi Compatible with ZoneMinder - Need Recommendation

    Greets! I found an older post here on this site (3 years ago) and hoping tech has caught up. I am looking for a front/rear DashCam system that steams RTSP over WiFi and is compatible with ZoneMinder. My wife and I travel a lot and I am trying to record video from multiple cameras on an on-board...
  12. V

    Need Help installing/troubleshooting the Rear view mirror Dashcam (wolfbox)

    Hi, I recently bought a car Honda Civic Type S 1.4 and also bought this dashcam that replaces the rearview mirror. After watching loads of videos I thought I would give it a crack. So firstly my hardwire kit has a constant fuse wire and an acc wire. Using a multimeter I was able to determine...
  13. DJFroggy

    My T130 overheats in parking mode

    Hey guys, I had a problem with my new T130 where it would suddenly stop and restart recording after it was running for approximately 6 or 7 minutes. It turns out that I had a bunch of sd cards that worked fine for other cameras but not the T130. Now I'm using a 128gb SanDisk Extreme and it's...
  14. M

    Mobius maxi 4k vs Runcam 2 4k

    Hi all, I want to put a dash on the bike, on the handlebar, for safety and for filming landscapes, but I don't know which one to choose. which one do you recommend? with the Runcam 2 4k I can use 2 batteries and switch if the journey is long, or I remove it completely(to not destroy the battery)...
  15. dev29aug

    T130 gets powered off on engine start due to power fluctation.

    I am facing a Power Off issue with the T130 Dashcam. I have the latest firmware installed, published on 27 Dec 2021. Please follow the steps below to see this issue. Steps: 1. Power On the car so that the Cigarette Lighter port gets the power. 2. Now connect the Dashcam power adapter in the...
  16. N

    Wolfbox dash cam zoom out?

    I bought the Wolfbox Dash Cam G840S it works fine but the only thing I noticed when reversing the rear view camera looks very zoomed in and you need to adjust it manually from the touchscreen mirror which is very uncomfortable. Anyone found a solution to this? isn't there a way to zoom out and...
  17. C

    Not enough 4 channel dashcams for a global market

    Hi ladies and guys, It's only in with my limited thinking or i can't find a good 4 channel dashcam? I found Thinkware QX-800 MEGA, but not available as GLOBAL with english language. Then i found some Korean eshop with a lot of 4 channel dashcam, but none of them are ready for global. Maybe you...
  18. R

    522GW causing "skipping" when playing music from iPhone via bluetooth

    Hi there, After several weeks of blaming Spotify for causing regular "skipping / reconnecting / buffering"-pauses when playing music from my iPhone via Bluetooth to the car audio system, I finally decided to shut off the dash cam. Lo and behold, the problems disappeared. So it seems to me...
  19. M

    522gw hardwire rebooting on turnover / stop-start

    Hi folks, Looking for some help with a 522GW and the hardwire kit. Installed it myself in a Ford Tourneo Custom van, and am having a problem with the dashcam rebooting when the engine is turned over or when the van restarts from the stop/start feature. Its not that the dashcam is shutting...
  20. B

    Formatting my Blackvue SD card

    Hello wondering if anyone can help? I am trying to format my sd card for my Blackvue camera but am lacking a computer! Am I able to format via my android phone or will I have to go on the hunt for a computer? Thankyou