1. R

    522GW causing "skipping" when playing music from iPhone via bluetooth

    Hi there, After several weeks of blaming Spotify for causing regular "skipping / reconnecting / buffering"-pauses when playing music from my iPhone via Bluetooth to the car audio system, I finally decided to shut off the dash cam. Lo and behold, the problems disappeared. So it seems to me...
  2. M

    522gw hardwire rebooting on turnover / stop-start

    Hi folks, Looking for some help with a 522GW and the hardwire kit. Installed it myself in a Ford Tourneo Custom van, and am having a problem with the dashcam rebooting when the engine is turned over or when the van restarts from the stop/start feature. Its not that the dashcam is shutting...
  3. B

    Formatting my Blackvue SD card

    Hello wondering if anyone can help? I am trying to format my sd card for my Blackvue camera but am lacking a computer! Am I able to format via my android phone or will I have to go on the hunt for a computer? Thankyou
  4. I am cam

    withCLOUD™ A to Z Introduction, Why we need withCLOUD?

    The withCLOUD™ is Gnet System's dash cam cloud service. It provides you live streaming, GPS tracking, watching recorded video, geo-fencing etc. You can save your event footage on the cloud server safely. The withCLOUD™ is also the strong application for fleet management. You can trace your...
  5. J

    Next base 422

    Hi all, I bought a nextbase 422 and have it hard wired. I can’t figure out if I have a gps signal or not. The time and date set automatically without me doing anything. In the settings I have gps stamp on and speed stamp on. The recordings however show no speed or gps and in the app it says...
  6. I am cam

    4CH dashcam that can be used for drive support cameras

    G-TRACK is 4CH dashcam that can be used for drive support cameras. It shows you the view of the direction that you want to go when you turn on the turning signal on your car. When you go backward, it shows you the rear view on the screen you connected to the dashcam. When you press the emergency...
  7. B

    Which DashCam (for use in Mexico)

    Buying a dashcam for use in Mexico. I will be bringing it over in my flight over there, to replace the cheap $30 one I had to buy there. I have tried to research, but there’s always some sort of dealbreaker (not built for heat, lack of bump detection, etc) So my budget is $100, with room for a...
  8. P

    Convertible Waterproofing external rear camera: Conformal Coating & silicon goop?

    I have a Viofo A129 Plus Pro Duo which I love, but my car is convertible. I quickly found out that the camera does not stay on the rear glass, and kinda useless when the glass is folded down. I want to mount the camera to my license plate area. I am considering pulling the rear camera apart...
  9. I am cam

    Do you want to see how the Hanok looks like?

    Do you want to see how the Hanok looks like? Hanok is a Korea traditional house. Hanok has Ondol that Korean traditional architecture, is underfloor heating system. Please watch this video.
  10. I am cam

    A beautiful city, #MINSK, #BELARUS, QHD, 1440p Clean Weather, Night

    Minsk at night is really beautiful. Hope some day can go there and enjoy the view.
  11. SimonMk3

    Dashcam doesnt save settings only when using hardwire kit.

    I have a ThiEYE Car View 2. Powering it through the cig lighter works fine but now that I have hardwired it it resets itself everytime I turn the car off. (VW Golf Mk3) Removing the Mini-Usb cable while its on also doesnt cause this issue. Thanks Simon
  12. O

    DashCam Battery Back Up- Switching power supply and charging ✅

    Hi, is there a 12volt DC switching power supply, that when switching of the ignition key/power it not only switches to a 'back up battery' but 'when driving' it will issolate and charge the backup battery while still keeping a constant 12VDC power to the dash-cam (via a converter 12 to 5v) I...
  13. I am cam

    A beautiful city MINSK, BELARUS, QHD, 1440p Clean Weather

    G-ON3, DRIVE, 30FPS, HDR, #Minsk, #BELARUS, #DASHCAM, 1440p QHD 2K VD3
  14. I am cam

    G-ON3 2K, 1440p NEW DASH CAM released

  15. I am cam

    What is JDR file format?

    What is JDR file format? JDR file format is GNET SYSTEM invented file recording format. GNET SYSTEM developed JDR file system 12 years ago. JDR files are the proprietary file system of GNET SYSTEM and are not compatible with general video players. The file system has a function to prevent...
  16. I am cam


    How do you think G-ON DRIVING VIDEO QUALITY is good? Comparing with other models of manufacturers, how do you think the quality is? G-ON is 60FPS, HDR, Full HD Dashcam. G-ON light scattering is small, readability is good. View angle is wide. Most of all, 'withCLOUD' is available for all G-ON...
  17. T

    A129 plus duo with eMMC randomly losing rear camera connection in parking mode

    From time to time (randomly), the main camera remains the single one to work on the microsd card when in parking mode with timelapse @5 fps . Happened 3 times already and didnt find out a way to reproduce it. Happened to anyone else? Thanks
  18. O

    Hardwiring dashcam using battery bank

    Hi everyone, I wanted to hard wire my dash cam using a power bank. I have a Poweradd Pilot X7 power bank which allows for charging passthrough, meaning it can power devices whilst being charged itself. It uses Lithium Polymer batteries inside and has a capacity of 20,000mAh. I have attached a...
  19. Mozzie

    You can't stop me

    Police chase
  20. C

    A500 + WIFI + iPhone

    Hi guys, I just bought the dashcam A500 pro plus but I have a problem. When I want to connect my iPhone (iPhone X, iOS 14.4, last update) to the wifi hotspot of the camera, it tells me "no internet connection" And because of that, I can't use the app to add the device on my phone... No update...