1. T

    A129 plus duo with eMMC randomly losing rear camera connection in parking mode

    From time to time (randomly), the main camera remains the single one to work on the microsd card when in parking mode with timelapse @5 fps . Happened 3 times already and didnt find out a way to reproduce it. Happened to anyone else? Thanks
  2. O

    Hardwiring dashcam using battery bank

    Hi everyone, I wanted to hard wire my dash cam using a power bank. I have a Poweradd Pilot X7 power bank which allows for charging passthrough, meaning it can power devices whilst being charged itself. It uses Lithium Polymer batteries inside and has a capacity of 20,000mAh. I have attached a...
  3. Mozzie

    You can't stop me

    Police chase
  4. C

    A500 + WIFI + iPhone

    Hi guys, I just bought the dashcam A500 pro plus but I have a problem. When I want to connect my iPhone (iPhone X, iOS 14.4, last update) to the wifi hotspot of the camera, it tells me "no internet connection" And because of that, I can't use the app to add the device on my phone... No update...
  5. R

    failed firmware dahscam d02

    After the firmware update back in October 2020 my camera stop working...just turn on but nothing else...no record, no settings.... see the videos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17-h9gm34PTh6cuVosYy__cpX3Ibx4Yj6/view?usp=sharing...
  6. I am cam


    G-SYNCLOUD : Basic withCLOUD : Upgraded (available in March) “G-Syncloud” for fleet management system by our own technology. Unlimited storage capacity beyond the limitation of dash camera storage. "ADAS update" ADAS is a safe driving assistance system for the driver's safe...
  7. Woodzman

    Deer at Night. BlueSkySea B4K

  8. D

    customer review, very bad service! yi mirror dash cam

    I do not recommend buying YI products. There is NO technical support from the word AT ALL. I wrote to them for help, they generally don't catch mice and don't understand what they want from them! I am writing I need help with the DVR, and he ask me receipts for the purchase of cloud storage. Are...
  9. Mijant

    Vantrue N2S Front 4K and Dual (Front +cabin)1440P Uber/Lyft Dashcam is Released!

    Vantrue N2S 4K Dash Cam for Uber, Dual 1440P Front and Inside Dash Camera with GPS, Car Dashboard Camera with Infrared Night Vision, Parking Mode, Motion Sensor, Capacitor, Support 256GB MAX Front & Cabin 2.5K Dual 1440P Dash Cam The front and interior-facing camera could record a super QHD...
  10. Mijant

    Vantrue T3 1520P Radar Detection Dash Cam is launched!

    Vantrue T3 1520P Dash Cam with Supercapacitor, 160° Wide Angle Dash Camera for Car, Dashboard Camera Driving Recorder with Night Vision, HDR, Radar Detection, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, Support 256GB 【1520P w/Night Vision & 160° Wide Angle】 T3 car dash camera with upgraded image sensor captures...
  11. TKSX

    How to format memory card in TW U1000

    My apologies if this is a silly question. Is there any way to forgot the memory card on the dashcam? The user manual didn't mention anything and unlike the F100 / Q800 Pro,
  12. egonvdv

    Dashcam viewer won't play front & rear at same time

    al the files are there an i can play them one by one (front/rear/front/rear...) but the player won't join front & rear together. (the gps data/map does play simultaneously )
  13. TonyCams

    SJCAM A20 4K Dashcam + BodyCam - Gyro Stabilization Starlight Night Vision + TS HD Video Format - Quick Review

    The SJCAM A20 bodycam is the improved version of the A10 which was released 2 years ago. The upgraded A20 adds 4k @ 24fps video recording, Gyro stabilizationand TS HD video format. In addition, the A20 has a new feature which is called "Starlight night vision." In addition its being a bodycam...
  14. egonvdv

    To buy or not to buy..

    My 770 dual is walking on it's last legs and I'm thinking of replacing. I had the q800 at some point but returned it as not impressed with the image (ie not better than the 770) in fact, i find that since the excellent 750, the quality has only been going down, while prices have gone up. I...
  15. TonyCams

    SJCAM C100+ Plus Thumb Dash Camera - Action Camera - Quick-look review

    The C100+ Plus is a "Thumb" Camera by SJCAM. It has been touted as the Perfect Beginner's TikTok / Instagram Camera But with 2k/60fps resolution packed into it's light 40g body, could this be the next been drone FPV cam? Without further ado, We'll do a full in-depth analysis of the C100plus...
  16. D

    Is there anyone using FineVu dash cam?

    I watched a youtube review video and now considering getting one. (FineVu X500 / ) It has lots of functions like HDR, ADAS, and also comes with Samsung 64GB SD card, hardwiring cable, cigar lighter cable.. all included! But I don't see many reviews and it seems not very famous. (I don't doubt...
  17. TonyCams

    SJCAM SJ10 Pro Action Native 4k - Better than DJI OSMO & GoPro Hero 8?

    SJCAM SJ10pro Action Review: After playing around with my SJCAM SJ10 10 action for a few days, I really feel that this Native 4K Action camera is really give Gopro Hero 8 and DJI OSMO a run their money. As a serious Gopro contender, SJ10 picks up much needed slack after the lackluster launch...
  18. J

    U1000 startup announcement

    I have been looking and can not seem to find a way to change this but the startup announcement is ridiculously annoying. I understand the incident announcement but to tell me every time I can attach my phone to the camera is not necessary. My setup us the U1000 with the radar module and the...
  19. ryanjay88

    Help Possibly Extending Video Record Times w/ VAVA DASH-CAM: VA-CD001

    Hello, I looked around a bit and couldn't see any information or support groups that may be able to assist me. I tried searching Sony's site and nothing so apologies if I am asking in the wrong place. I recently got the VAVA VA-CD001 Dash-Cam for my truck and it was fairly easy to install &...
  20. J

    U1000 faulty

    Hi all Newbie here. Signed up today but have been a lurker for a while. My U1000 suddenly failed on me. Randonly, reset itself so had to start all over again. In trying to do that I can’t seem to get it to work. It keeps power itself off automatically after a few seconds of start up. In that...