1. H

    Nextbase 222 not recording

    Any ideas on how I could fix this would be great as I’ve only had the dash cam for a few months! My Nextbase 222 regularly freezes when recording when it gets to 0:33. This will last for a minute or two and then it will start recording again from 0:00, however this means half of my journey is...
  2. Yudia

    K2S initial failure and quality problems

    About K2S purchased at the end of last year. Until now, I had reported about this K2S crash and contacted the manufacturers. As manufacturers, they have repeated only the claims and answers that "there is no problem with the K2S. There is a problem with the user." There is no problem with the...
  3. F

    Nextbase 522gw keeps freezing

    Hello, I've been having issues with my 522gw and its really starting to test my patience... I'm on my third unit now and ive had 4 sd memory cards, 3 of which were nextbase 128g memory cards. The camera freezes daily (nearly evertime on 12 seconds) so i have to reset the camera and sometimes it...
  4. Cram

    A129 rear camera banding and freezing (and repeatable)

    I just installed a A129 system in a 1999 Toyota Rav4, powered by the cigarette lighter (still waiting for my HK3). The rear camera cable is fully hidden behind the trim with the extra length looped near the rear speaker. Firmware was updated to the latest available a couple of weeks ago. Micro...