hardwire kit

  1. OmoP

    Can a Low-profile mini fuse be replaced by a mini fuse?

    Is there any caveat to replacing a low-profile fuse with a mini blade one when trying to hardwire a dash cam using an "add-a-circuit"? I was looking to buy a small batch amount of "add-a-circuit" for future installs...
  2. P

    Newbie - Hardwiring a new A119 into -14 Honda Odyssey Question

    OK, so got rear-ended this weekend and that made me decide to install a forward-facing dashcam plus another dashcam that I would attach to the roof of the cargo area (via velcro) pointing back. I would like to hardwire the forward facing dashcam but no need to do so for the rear one since...
  3. sgtjayp

    Hardwire Hardware

    I've been searching for a while and settled for the A118. Seems to get decent reviews and I like the discreteness. Question: I don't want to tie up the cigarette lighter nor have visible cords to a USB adapter. I have minimal electrical skills, but I think I can manage hard-wiring to a current...
  4. A

    MS Multi Saver Cut Off

    There is another socket on this unit called '4 pin remote switch extension connector' in the manual. Has anyone worked out what this is actually for and used it? I was kind of hoping I might add a second camera (rear) to it instead of using an twin adapter in the supplied socket. Cheers! Andy
  5. U

    Camera-specific hard-wiring kits???

    I have seen more than one posting in DCT (can't find them just now) where they stated, or at least implied, that a certain hard-wiring kit would work with certain dash cam models and actually listed some dash cam models that the particular kit in question was compatible with. I have also seen...
  6. ftpGuy

    SG9665GC Install - 2014 Honda Ridgeline

    Finally got around to doing a hard wired install of my Street Guardian SG9665GC into a 2014 Honda Ridgeline. Easy install. I won't go into a step by step install as most members know the basics but will share a few photos along with some basic info pertaining to this particular install. Initial...
  7. J

    Two cameras, one hardwire kit

    I thought a new thread would be helpful to generate some more discussion on this topic. I've done a search but can't find much. I have fairly basic electronics knowledge so if you can contribute on this subject then it would also help others who may be asking the same question. The question is...