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  1. B

    Garmin 46 / 56 / 66 parking mode not working

    So I bought a Garmin dash cam 46 for myself with the parking mode cable. Using fuse taps, I connected it to my 2021 Subaru Impreza fuse box over the weekend. (ground to a proper metal on metal bolt, batt wire to fuse 12 (constant), acc wire to fuse 26 (accessory), tested fuse slots myself, also...
  2. J

    Ddpai universal hardwire kit issue

    I have ddpai mini and i have hardwired using ddpai universal hardwire kit. It was working fine for months. Now it is not working. Camera is working fine. Then I changed the static battery current to accessory to check. It turns on and after about half minute it goes off without any message.
  3. U

    Think ware U1000 using the Celling Neo Battery

    New here folks. I recently purchased and installed the Thinkware U1000 Front and rear camera system. I have been having an issue since installation that the camera will not turn off and go into parking mode once the ignition is off. I troubleshot the entire system, called thinkeware and they...
  4. L

    [Hardwire Kit] Cam only turning on with ACC and Battery having power

    Hey, I'm installing this dashcam for my dad and several unfortunate circumstances led me to be working for well over 15 hours and yeah - it's still not working. My current problem involves the hardwire kit. The cam works and turns on, but only if the ACC and the Battery both get a current at...
  5. A

    What Fuse Rating Recommended for Hardwire?

    I have purchased hardwire kit which comes with fuse tap and 10 Amp fuse . Is it too high and should I use only 5 Amp/7 Amp? Please advise.
  6. V

    Viofo 3 wire kit

    Can anyone who has one of these kits verify that the power output differs from pin to pin on the 5 pin mini usb connector depending on what wire (ACC) or (+ battery) gets power ? I am wondering if the power switches pins based off what wire gets power... that is how the Dash cam knows to switch...

    Hardwire Kit with built-in Timer & Voltage Protection Settings

    Hi there! We've been quietly testing a hardwire kit called the Charger Plus we've developed over the past year. We've gone through several hundred of them and have received very good feedback for them. Below are some of the specs: 【Universally Compatible】– Use a USB cigarette charger to...
  8. Paddy32

    Will this setup work ? Looking to buying an A119 V3

    Hello, I've never had a dashcam before and I would like to buy one and hardwire it to my car. Where I live (France) dashcams aren't illegal but very rarely used. The 2 models that have made my final list are the VIOFO A119 V3 and the Nextbase 522gw. When I look at the reviews it seems the VIOFO...
  9. alamsas

    Hardwiring Kit fuse options

    Hi guys, I have a '19 WRX and attached is my fusebox map under the driver's side. I understand I need piggyback fuses and so I bought two.. but I realized I could plug the yellow (ACC) wire in one of the vacant slots. The red (Battery) wire however, needs to be actually piggybacked with...
  10. Extrader

    Thinkware Dashcam sale/installation in Toronto

    Hi, I am Jason from Extrader. We are a local business located in Toronto, Ontario, and offers sales and installation of Thinkware Dashcams. We have -F800 Pro D -$499+tax (includes installation with hardwire kit) -F800D -$399+tax (includes installation with hardwire kit) -F200DG...
  11. K

    SGDCHW pre-order questions

    It has been some time since I was here last and am looking to replace my older cam. Does the hardwire kit piggy back on a fuse, or replace it? Either way, which fuse in the panel should I use for the two connections? Thank you for your help, K
  12. S

    Manual / guide / set of instructions for how to install a hard wire 129 duo for parking mode?

    Hi all, As a complete newbie in the field of dashcams, I would appreciate if anyone could kindly direct me to a set of instructions on how to set up the hardwire kit with my 129 Duo for parking mode. To be specific, I will take the dashcam to a local shop to have it installed but since this is...
  13. NuNet

    NUNET micro USB or mini USB hardwire kit for $11.99, on lightning deal right now

    I know I am new. This is my first post. Hope it is a good one. This hardwire kit includes 4 fuse adapters compatible with most cars. 15ft long wire is long enough, allowing you to install it neat. Check this DIY video: . Deal ends on 4:30p, PST, 12/4/2018. If you have concern about its 11.6V...
  14. N

    Help Hard-wiring A129 to Nissan Rogue 2013?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased my first dash cams and saw Viofo recently released the hardwire kit for the A129. I was wondering if anyone knows how to hardwire it to a Nissian Rogue and if I would need to purchase anything else. The kit doe not include fuse tap if that matters...
  15. R


    Hi, I am new here and this my first post! I shall be receiving my Viofo A119 dashcam soon (hopefully) :) Today I received the hardwiring kit for the camera and I am a bit confused how to install it. I am not that technical and would not like to mess in the fusebox so a different idea crossed...
  16. S

    How Did You/Would Hardwire Your Dashcam?

    Hello All, I purchased a Garmin 45 last week and the parking mode accessory cable along with it. When I got home and started installing it I realized i actually had to wire the camera to a power source. I found this video and went ahead and tried it even though it is kinda ify. So I did...
  17. L

    Hardwire schema

    Hello, I have bought the A119S camera and the recommended hardwire kit ("Mini 0801 A119 A119S A118 A118C A118C2 B40 WR1 Car Camera Hardwire Kit" - see http://www.viofo.com/accessories/19-mini-0801-a119-a119s-a118-a118c-a118c2-b40-wr1-car-camera-hardwire-kit.html). Can you please provide me...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] dashcam hardwire kit for VW Golf -- which fuse?

    I'm looking to get a hardwire kit for my A119 dashcam but I don't know which fuse to choose. Does it matter? I've figured out which fuse controls which component and the following fuses are off when the car is turned off (which is what I want because I don't want the dash cam killing my car...
  19. A

    dashcam hardwire kit for VW Golf -- which fuse?

    Sorry for double-post. Got a better response from https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/dashcam-hardwire-kit-for-vw-golf-which-fuse.30478/ and didn't know how to delete this post.
  20. M

    Need help - Dashcam hardwire/Dashcam in general. Power magic pro query! Focus mk3

    Hi all, New to the forum and dash cams in general. Recently purchased two dash cams for my car, Ford Focus mk3 (2013). Currently have front and rear dash cams. Front camera is the Nextbase 512g, hardwired into passenger fuse box (fuse 85 - 7.5a fuse / hot on ignition). Rear dashcam, Nextbase...