night vision

  1. DJ70

    IR illuminators

    Idea...?? Recently I've noticed ('cos of where I've been parking) that night time images are often quite dark due to the lack of street lighting. It got me thinking. There may be dashcams with IR capabilities but my BlackVues don't have it so, relating to home CCTV, I wondered if the addition...
  2. E

    Modifying a F1 for night vision. Help needed!

    I'm trying to modify the Gitup F1 for night vision using an IR flashlight. But after asking for help here and also in the Threeye store, I couldn't find the proper lens. The original especs of this camera are: M12 160º 8MP f 2.8 Sony 1/2.5 inch Sensor I would like to have a similar FOV and...
  3. BgDeal Dashcam

    Automatically switch DAY & NIGHT VISION new dashcam HR801

    At night, normal dash cam is hard to record scene in front of car. So it didn't play its role. A real working night vision dashcam is what we can supply for you. Camera automatically switch Day/Night mode, you don't need to set it manually everyday. Auto night vision is a very practical...
  4. C

    So, Which DashCam Solution for these GODLY FEATURES ...

    The site has done a good job in listing off dashcams but despite everything i'm still lost on what cam would best suit ALL my needs. I'm just hoping someone will consider all my parameters and point me in the right direction. If there is one complete solution, terrific, but if not i'm open to...
  5. CrodPS

    Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Ultra HD 2160P NT96660 GPS+WiFi Proper Review

    In depth review of the Rove R2-4K dash camera with built in GPS and WiFi to control it from your phone Novatek NT96660 Chipset with OV4689 light sensor for great night video. Full review plus sample clips.
  6. CrodPS

    DL-9600 1080p NOVATEK 96658+Sony 322 Sensor Wireless Dash Cam

    If you are looking for a 1080p dash cam with great video quality, clear night video and that can be controlled via Wifi, have a look at my review of the DL-9600 dash cam. The camera was purchased from the TEQStone store in Amazon Thanks!
  7. Veckle DashCam

    Lightning Deal Mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam @Amazon US Ended.

    Veckle Dual 1080P FHD Mini 0906 Dashboard Camera Recorder with Parking Guard, CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, 7 Lens Wide Angle 1.5 inch LCD, Loop Recording Dash Cam for Car [Official Version] [Update] Ended. Link
  8. Veckle DashCam

    Mini 0906 Official Version on Amazon

    This is the official version of Mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam from Veckle on amazon. not the test sample Specification Chipset: NT96663 Camera: Front Sony IMX290/291; Rear Sony IMX322/323 2MP CMOS Lens View Field: Front 130 degree, Rear 145 degree Aperture: Front F1.7, Rear F2.0 LCD screen: 1.5inch...
  9. Veckle DashCam

    Veckle Mini 0906 Official Version Dual Dash Cam Deals (Expired)

    Veckle Mini 0906 Dual 1080P Full HD Dash Cam with Parking Guard, CPL Filter , Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, Remote Control, 7 Lens Wide Angle 1.5 inch LCD @Amazon US. (Reg. $138.99) Check the review here...
  10. TODC

    New TODC LUX True night vision DashCam with Starlite Technology

    Introducing The All New Lux Dash Cam with Starlite™ Technology. Starlite™ technology is a revolutionary night vision technology that allows our Lux Dash Cam to have superb “Night Vision”. Far superior to any other dash cam on the market today. Whether you drive at night for work or pleasure...
  11. V

    Best night video quality 2K dashcam?

    Best night video quality - with Sony IMX322 sensor. But this sensor is only 1080P. I think at sunny day better to have 2K resolution. Which 1 channel 2K dashcam gives the best low-light performance? Dome 201, Ausdome A261 or TaoTronics TT-CD06? Maybe some other model?
  12. C

    Looking For it all, Emphasizing: Night Vision (IR), audio, F&R and Quality

    I make videos of my escapades working as a cab driver. I would link my content but I think that's kinda rude, if you'd like to see what I'm working with now, I'll PM you. I'm looking for a bit of everything but IR nightvision, audio quality, front and rear recording, and video quality are of...
  13. RIMD

    Night Vision + Dashcam ?

    Thanks for replies to my postings. I find some dashcam has night vision others don't. Does night vision give better night footage? Are there ways to improve night footage without night vision? Thanks for sharing.
  14. Joeypucks

    Dual rotating ir, motion detection cameras

    I am looking to use the above setup for a parking lot where my so called neighbors (really idiots) who live in my building have door dinged the crap out of my car. Same happens in store lots. Anyway I don't wish to use it while driving I want to face it towards both doors while parked empty. So...
  15. S

    Fakes, battery, quality and reliability

    Hello friends, I visit the site for some time but never got to write here ... Recently I purchased two cameras from EBAY. One is - G3WL. The second is - Blueskysea G1W-C. I must say I was very disappointed ... Before I begin I should point out that two cameras are original, which was very...
  16. L

    Will this record infrared inside a car at night? Night vision?

    I was thinking of installing the rear view camera above the rear view mirror and using IR bulb which are cheap and easy to buy as a light source. The easy way to check to see if the camera is able to record IR would be to point a tv remote or dvd, stereo remote etc at the camera while it is...
  17. A

    Recording the inside of your car

    I drive for a ride share company and need a cam to record inside car in low light situations as well as outside. Any suggestions?