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  1. H

    Bricked 70mai Lite

    Hi, My 70mai Lite camera has suddenly stopped working. Neither display nor light comes on. I used it only for 6 months only and there is no warranty. Please help me how can I get this fixed. Thanks, Hasith.
  2. D

    How to connect wifi?

    Hello, I'm using an android 10 phone (Samsung10e) with the Thinkware Cloud app. I can't find the wifi network on my phone despite the camera saying "On your smartphone, connect to a wifi network whose name starts with Thinlware". Does anyone know what's going on here? Thank you
  3. Yudia

    K2S initial failure and quality problems

    About K2S purchased at the end of last year. Until now, I had reported about this K2S crash and contacted the manufacturers. As manufacturers, they have repeated only the claims and answers that "there is no problem with the K2S. There is a problem with the user." There is no problem with the...
  4. M

    U1000 ADAS not working?

    I still cannot get any of ADAs fonction to work, any idea? I did try everything on high and initialize but never get warned. Even front departure warning , the dashcam is quiet (except normal Notifications; recording, radar...) Does it work on your side or Is my camera defective? I notice my...
  5. R

    Location Event files

    Hello, Does somebody knows were the event files are located becasue I can't find them and someone hits our car :mad::mad::mad::mad: In the option menu I had selected that the event files could't be overwritten but it seems that it didn't work because I couldn't find them on my card? The app on...
  6. M

    GPS Player

    I have found my Player is no longer responding, I download the files to computer or access them straight through the player plugged into the computer, everything used to work fine either way but now all I get is a false error for QuickTime Player, This in itself is a crappy player and you would...
  7. CaptnEric

    My RC500S Dual Channel Dash Cam not powering on

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find a solution for my problem after doing several searches. I've had my RC500s dual channel dash cam for about 3 years now. It's hard wired with the DOD hardwire kit and I have the latest firmware FWI5GEMI installed. Until...