1. renzo201

    ambsh question

    I have a no-name camera that I was able to switch into uart over usb to get an ambsh. From amsh I can change the device into mass storage with the command "usbclass msc". I am looking for a way to get the cam back into normal operation instead of uart or mass storage. Even if I reboot the cam it...
  2. S

    How much data does remote live view use?

    If I do remote live view one time, how much hotspot data does it use? Is the remote live view 4k/2k resolution or reduced resolution to do quick data transfer?
  3. D

    New U1000 owner, couple questions

    Hi guys, I just bought a U1000, which is a major upgrade for me from my old Mobius action cam as a dash cam. I'm pretty excited, I hope I made the right decision. I was on the fence about a DR900-S, a A129 pro, and the U1000. In the end the U1000 got the nod. I have a couple questions for...
  4. Florida Dashcam

    Say Hypothetically, You Get Into an Accident... (You Decide)

    Hello all! New to the forum and I got into an interesting conversation with my father yesterday, wanted to see what you would do in this situation? Really just trying to stir up conversation and get to know some of my lovely fellow forum users! And no, this didn't actually happen :). **Also...
  5. U

    Thx, so here's more!

    Not sure this is the right forum for this. If it's not, kindly let me know and I will re-post where it's proper. But since you were all so nice to me in my last visit to this forum :), I am back with a question... When writing a reply to someone else's question in a given DCT discussion, I have...
  6. U

    Suggestions and/or Recommendations for a Taxi Dash Cam

    Hello. I would like help with one question. I am looking for a "taxi dash cam" with good sound quality. It is to be used in my personal vehicle. By a "taxi dash cam" I mean one that will record video and sound of the interior of the vehicle. I would like to record events should I be stopped by...
  7. U

    Hello from New Jersey, USA

    Hello. I am new here. First of all, hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me into your community. I have a question to ask about "taxicab dash cams". Despite the "taxi" name it is for use in my personal car, not a taxicab, and would like your suggestions on which would be the appropriate...