1. S

    U1000 - No voice/sound being recorded

    Hi, have a bit of an odd one here. Had the u1000 installed just before Xmas and everything working fine no issues during play back and hearing sounds of the car stereo , voice of people talking, engine etc. All of a sudden something strange is going on and no sound is being recorded except for...
  2. dieskim

    70 Mai Dash Cam Light Start-Up Sounds can't disable

    Hi, does anyone else here have the 70 Mai Dash Cam Light, it's the one with the screen and golden camera part. I just got it and I am unable to disable the start-up / shut-down sounds. I disabled it in setting via the camera and app but it won't disable. Any suggestions?
  3. M

    Constant Zzz noise

    Very obvious buzzing in the last clip before memory runs out: For other clips it's slight softer, is this normal? Earlier, not important:
  4. S

    Quiet beeping in audio until Save button pressed? (A119S V2)

    I was listening back to some recordings recently using headphones, and I noticed that there's a quiet, regular beeping present in the audio of recorded files. It's not a beep like the beeps you get when you press the buttons (I have the button sounds disabled anyway), it's a much lower level...
  5. J

    A119S V2 beeping on Time Lapse with Beep Sound=Off

    With Loop Recording set to 3 minutes (default) and Time Lapse set to 100ms, Beep Sound set to Off, the unit beeps does a two double beeps every 3 minutes. (beep beep, pause, beep beep). This occurred on firmware v1.60 and also the 17 June 2017 release V1.60.01B. Beep Sound off means beep...
  6. cra3y

    (SOLVED) Viofo A119S video banding/sound noise issue

    Hi I just mounted A119S on my VW Polo 6R. There is something wrong with electromagnetic shield in this camera. I mounted new wire and power supply (which was included in the box), switched power on and strange visual and sound noise appeared after a while. The noise was worse, when there is...
  7. S

    F770 Android app with MX player issues

    Hi, my first post here. I have the F770 front and rear in my Tesla and installed the Dash Cam Mobile Viewer app version 2.1.1 on my Android phone version 6.0.1. When connected to the F770 wifi I wanted to see the movie clips and had to install the MX player for it. That gave quite some issues...
  8. dagodoy

    Git2 Audio Processing issue

    Hi Everybody!!! I bought the Git2 Pro camera and I'm very happy with it. I found a very disappointing issue: Audio recording Processor. The mic volume decrease down suddenly when a hard sound is recorded by the camera. It's ok that it decrease the volume a few seconds to avoid saturation but...
  9. E

    Defective Sound Recording

    Hi folks, after a long period of waiting I finally recieved my Gitup Git2 and couldn't wait to give it a try. Unfortionally mine isn't recording any sound, but just noise (sound like wind in the recording). The sound settings (High, Medium, Low) just affect the level of the noise. I uploaded...
  10. semihselcuk

    Mini 0805 Weird Sound Problem

    I bought my camera from Gearbest. I read forum I set my settings and I tried it its great video quality is awesome and sound is working.. After few days later I realized that whenever I turn off my car camera gives "Low Battery" error.. I thought battery charges up when car is working.. Weird...
  11. Monge

    Crackling audio - Noise Problem

    Hello, I am having the so called WIFI interference audio problem, but it happens even if wifi is turned off. The crackling sound is the same as in the video below. I've tried the tape fix, but it still happen. Anyone else had the same problem? Ideas? Thank You!
  12. Dominions

    ELEPHAS A118C 13 second sound repeating

    For Reference as Discussed in another Thread This is the repeating sound Issues I've experienced recently on a new Elephas A118C from Amazon. This tends to happen after a few hours none stop loop recording. Apart from the sound the Cigarette lighter caused issues with the radio and the...
  13. L

    Original G1W Pulsatig/Vibrating Problem

    Hey all, I have an original G1W (file extensions are .mov, have HDMI port, and checked the bitrate to confirm it is genuine), and am getting some really, really bad deep pulsating/vibrating sounds from the microphone, along with this intermittent high-pitched interference/electronic kind of...