1. F

    Any camera with video stream via USB or Ethernet?

    Hello. I'm a newbie in this world of cameras in general, so after searching on the WEB I feel that I'm running out of options. I'm currently trying to detect in real time how many people are inside of a car, to do so I need an IR camera that can stream the video to a computer. I've seen some...
  2. Paddy32

    Lenght of usb power cable

    Hello, How long is the cable provided in the box with the A119 V3 ? Is it 1 meter ? 5 meters ? I can't seem to find the information on internet. Cheers.
  3. M

    Dash cam controlled from Android radio

    Hello, I'm planning to purchase an Android radio and a Dash cam. I learned that the radio is able to act as a "brain" for dash cam if appropriate camera is attached to it via USB. I noticed that those cameras do not have a display e.g...
  4. K

    Does A119S support mass storage while connected to PC

    Dear All, I have just bought A119S. I'm really satisfied from what I see but one thing is missing for me. I do not want to pull out my memory card each time I want to download files on PC. Instead - I would like to connect my camera to PC via USB cable and see it on my desktop as a separate...
  5. Phil

    No USB Mode When Connected to PC

    When I connect my Mini 0801 to my Win 10 PC, the camera just turns on. It doesn't open the blue USB screen anymore and I'm unable to view the files on my PC. I tried different USB cables and different USB ports. I connect to the top USB port, not the GPS one.
  6. clooner

    Dashcam is power cycling after install in new car

    Recently I bought a new car and decided to move the 12v to 3a 2x usb power and my dashcam an a118c to the new car. With the old car, I simply took the power from the mirror. With the new one, I tried to do exactly the same thing. That said, after hooking everything up it seems that in the new...
  7. sbt

    Can't reliably read cards with supplied card reader

    So have this issue since I got my SG9665GC last year; I have not been able to reliably read micro SD cards (either the supplied 32GB card, or any other) using this plug in card reader supplied with the dash cam. It's the one with both SD and MicroSD slots, and USB on one end and USB OTG micro-b...
  8. ccdff

    Pinout AV output and FPV use

    Hi there, I'm trying to get the Yi 4k to display a video output to my FPV transmitter. I tried using the same pins on the usb as the first YI but it does not seem to work. Does anyone know which pins are used for the ground and video transmission on the micro usb connector ? Do you need to me...
  9. DashBoat

    Why doesn't this camera have a micro USB port?

    Does anyone know why this new camera still ships with a mini USB port? I wasn't too happy about having to 'downgrade' my permanently run cables (but did anyways), especially since my next dash cam will probably have a micro USB port.
  10. W

    usb doesnt work - anything to do?

    hello guys, I have one question. On my Yi everything was great until last week when my micro usb stopped working. So, I cant charge my battery without external charger and either SD card is not recognized on PC. I tried different usb cables, but nothing happend. I have SD card reader, and...
  11. P

    Can I power the SGZC12SG with any Mini-USB cable or am I required to use the included adapter

    I'd rather just plug in my own USB cable to my multiport USB Adapter that's already occupying my cigarette lighter to charge my phone and other devices. Assuming amperage is high enough, can I just plug a USB to Mini-USB cable into my pre-existing multi-port charger and forgo using the included...
  12. T

    Can Xaiomi Yi film while USB powered?

    Yes guys, I know it can film while "charging" (with the battery inside) but I have read that this can be dangerous to the hardware because it stays very hot. (And I tried it, its true lol) Then, I want to know if the Xiaomi Yi can film, while USB powered but without the battery connected...
  13. U

    G1W-CB Damaged USB Port

    Yea so my one has given up on me. Got it from gear best for about £20. Not worth sending it back for a tenner a time. I bought a drivepro 200 off Amazon Germany for £50 instead. The issue is the screen just freezes at some random point in use. I tried several SD cards. Tried resetting. Turns...
  14. G

    Looking For Discreet Dash Cam To Use with External Battery USB

    Hello, I know nothing about dash cams, have been reading a lot and watching a lot of videos but was hoping for some help. How many hours can I expect to get from a dash cam by pluggin in an external USB battery pack? I'm looking for something simple, don't need any fancy features. Something...
  15. David Bode

    USB file transfer causing camera to lock up.

    I got a Yi a week ago and have been very thankful for this forum. I was quickly able to install the hacked firmware and tweak some scripts to get the picture more to my liking. Since I got the camera, I have not been able to transfer files from the USB port on the camera. I plug in camera, turn...
  16. landyvlad

    Innovv C3 not found by computer

    I can't get my computer to 'find' my C3. I have tried hooking it up when ON and nothing. I have tried hooking it up when OFF, then turning it on and nothing. AM I missing something obvious? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  17. vedranius

    Where to buy micro USB soft (ribbon) cable?

    Hi all! I have a Xiaomi Yi camera with waterproof casing, and I'd like to connect it to external power, powerbank or such. But I can't find soft Micro USB cables anywhere... Does anyone knows where to buy them? Example: On one side Micro USB male and on other normal USB 2.0 also male. As I...
  18. CD55

    Bought a PowerNow! dashcam

    My G1W-C has always had a temperamental USB port. I more often then not have to fiddle with it to get the unit to power up. Of course it always has a date keeping issue also. Other then that it has been a solid dashcam. My wife was watching HSN and said "Hey look at this" and they had the PN...
  19. S

    Mini USB A or B

    I just purchased a GT680W and hooked it up. I lost the manual, but it was not useful, except for comedy value (Apparently a menu setting is there so I can decide if I want to hear a beef or not.) I've tried messing around with the settings, but realized I can't get any to stick once the power...