1. JayceOoi

    [Review] Viofo A119 V3

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Viofo A119 V3 Review @ Crystal clear 2K Quad HD+ (2560x1600P) video quality! Yes, that’s what you will get from Viofo A119 V3 Dashcam. All thanks to Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP Sensor and F1.6 aperture 7 elements glass lens...
  2. S

    A129 parking mode not working by powerbank !

    Hi I'm using a129 on my kia cerato When attached to cigarate , after 5 minutes switch from driving to parking mode ( acc on ) But when attached to power bank ( acc off ) , all time working on driving mode! Can you help me ?
  3. P

    Different G-sensor sensitivity for parking mode

    I cannot find the option to set a different G-sensor sensitivity for parking mode and driving mode, so I think it doesn't exist. I need two different settings because there are a lot of potholes on my roads and with the highest sensitivity I have a lot of "false positive" and therefore a lot of...
  4. A

    Hardwire Viofo A129 to hybrid Lexus with 14v current

    Hi, I'm hardwiring a Viofo A129 to a Lexus hybrid but the current my voltmeter is showing in the fuse box is 14v opposed to 12v. Will this cause harm to the camera and will the 12.4v that the battery could drain to cause any start up problems with the hybrid engine? Thanks for any help.
  5. kiret

    VIOFO A119S Screen Broken? - No video signal

    Hi all, I have had this VIOFO A119S for quite a while now, both in a working state good enough for everyday use with its 1080p video recording, and in its current state (see pic). Is there a fix for this, I am guessing it is a hardware fault but I would like to get it back up and running as it...
  6. S

    Infiniti Q50 hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Magic Ultra Battery B-124, Viofo Hardwire Kit ACC, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control and some additional cables. Installed into Infiniti Q50 hybrid MY2017 (European). It was necessary to remove A-piller covers, sunvisors, ceiling...
  7. Y

    Potential Setup - Thoughts?

    Hey all, First time poster here from Canada. Bought a 2016 VW GTI and will be parking it outside so need a good front/rear setup with parking mode. Looking at getting either a Blackvue DR590 (Buffered parking mode) or Viofo A129 (timelapse - always recording). The climate here ranges from...
  8. G

    Viofo A129 Duo does not complete loop recording....

    Hi, I just joined. I will be brief. I got Viofo A129 Duo around the last quarter of 2018. I discovered it does not complete the loop recording set. This was not the case when I got it. It stops recording(the red recording light doesn't blink) at about 26 secs and starts a new record about...
  9. S

    Honda CR-V hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Power Magic Pro (replaced with Viofo Hardwire Kit), CPL filter, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control. Installed into Honda CR-V MY2014 (European). I was inspired by @GWN21 instalation described here. Front camera is attached to the...
  10. B

    A129 Software and Mobile APP advice

    I think we can share the recommendations to the manufacturer about the software and mobile application. @viofo 1- When recording in parking mode, the vehicle needs to warn the user with a different beep when he receives a pulse from the G sensor. 2- In the application interface, it is better...
  11. Fostel

    Viofo A129 BLUETOOTH always ON issue. Will this be addressed in the future Firmware?

    I was using VIOFO A119 v1 before and I liked it a lot so I upgraded to A129 Duo as I trust the company. My biggest gripe with the new dashcam is that there is no BLUETOOTH ON/OFF option in the settings. It is in the user manual, page 21 but it is removed from the dashcam settings. I asked a...
  12. O

    Quality of supplied cigarette lighter power adaptor for Viofo A119 Pro

    I have just purchased a Viofo A119 Pro dashcam and was wondering about the quality and fire risk of the supplied 12 to 5 volt cigarette lighter adaptor. If I recall correctly, the supplied adaptor is rated at DC 5V/3.1A, dual USB port output. The Viofo A119pro spec is listed as 5V, 1A from...
  13. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 Duo new Cameras including Infrared for Uber Lyft Taxi

    The A129 Duo Dual Channel 5Ghz WiFi Dash Cam has the most features of all VIOFO products. The accessories and options keep expanding and improving and now include new Cameras. This post will be updated will all Camera versions. The new camera 180 degree Lens rotation feature is a real game...
  14. David Sheets

    VIOFO A118 Not Loop recording

    My VIOFO A118 is not working properly. 1. not loop recording. It records until the card is full, and then says card full, and doesn't keep recording. 2. not recording in 3 min loops either. They are around 40 min or so each recording. Version: A118C2_20161008_V1.0
  15. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A119S Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A119S, A129DUO, A119, & A119PRO Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post your comments, questions, ideas & footage below. This post will be updated with all future MOD releases to keep everyone up to date...
  16. ViofoPolska

    First interview ever recorded with Dashcam

    Hi guys, please take a look at first interview ever recorded with dashcams. Interview is in polish but what is most important for us? It's works, we can do interviews with our dashcams! So if you ever planing to take some nice footage think about Viofo Dashcams. Interview is with fameous...
  17. M

    VIOFO A129 DUO Questions

    Hello everyone, I am new to dash cams and looking to buy one. I just have some questions to double check my research data. How is the A129 DUO better than the Mini 0906 and why? How reliable is the A129 with weather and gps-speed stamping? I live in the northeast so the weather can be very...
  18. BCHobbyist

    Troubleshooting Guide for VIOFO A119S or A119 Dash Cams

    I've noticed a large number of preventable Dash Cam failures being reported. My long Troubleshooting Guide doesn't cover everything but with input from everyone it can be continually updated to include new tests and fixes. Starting with simple verifications for all accessories such as microSD...