1.3.4 firmware loop recording problem


May 31, 2015
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Bought my yi 4k from gearbest, with the latest firmware and looks like there's bug in loop recording.
Decided to use it today as dashcam, 5 min vides, loop recording, driving both ways ~30 mins.
Don't know how but camera not only splitted files in 1-minute vids but also kept only 5 of them each time I turned cam to record. So five 1-minute vids one way, and five on my way back.
Somehow geniuses at xiaomi made the cam think that 5-minute segment option means five minute recording in total.
Trying now 20 minute loops, will let you know if it's broken as well.
edit: 20 min option, splits in 5 min segments.
edit 2: after whole day behind the wheel and using Yi 4k as dashcam I already know that loop mode is definitely broken.
20 min option camera records as 5 mins, but still removes not the oldest ones but first files from the recording "session", e.g. driving and recording 1 hr - cam leaves only 30 min (or so) video.
What a mess.
edit 3: "updated" to firmware 1.3.3 - no changes. Wtf is happening? Can't belive guys at Xiaomi left such bug in their firmware.
edit 4: and what if these 5, 2o, 60, 120 mins option mean that that's the total lenght of the vid recorded at once, just splitted in segments?
Chosen now "max" option, will see if it will be splitted in segments, how long they will be and if there will be any missing again.
edit 5: oh boy, this is getting better and better. "Max" option same as the others, splits video in 5-minute segments and when the sd card card is full it overwrites the oldest file, but...
It does it untill we switch off the cam off. If we turn it off and then back on, and we try to start filming again, camera displays "not enough space in sd card" message. Something what has no right to occur in every single camera with "loop" recording option, but somehow happens with Yi 4k.
Honestly, I kinda regret buying it.
edit: sold today.
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Jan 13, 2018
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You are right Basior. This Yi 4K camera is waste. Does not do basic loop recording and they don't understand the meaning of Loop recording. I have a very cheap model of action camera which does perfectly loop recording. I wasted my money on this camera and suggest others not to go for Yi action camera.


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Jul 28, 2015
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Why doesn't Yi 4k+ do a basic 'car mode' like other action cameras? Is it so hard to do loop recording and auto start/stop when it detects or stops detecting power?