1. N

    Can't access camera set up menu

    A couple of days back I changed the LED settings on my Git 2 (rear LED on). Yesterday I went to change it back gain to the the front LED, but when I powered up the camera, and pressed the front button, I got the usual video and stills menus, and then the third press of the front button froze the...
  2. T

    Opia 2 Micro SD Card Problem

    Hello, I've had my Opia 2 for a while, more than a year if I remember correctly. Just recently, my dashcam stopped recognizing my SD card (Samsung Evo 64GB U3) for seemingly no reason. I tried another SD card and it also did not recognize it (the SD card that came with the camera). I've never...
  3. A

    Buttons on Dash Cam kinda not working?

    Hi there! I just got my A129 Duo a few days, and haven't had a chance yet to install it in my car. I played around with it for the first time yesterday and put in a new mircoSD card into it (SanDisk Ultra Plus A1 64GB), while I was waiting for my Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB to come in the mail...
  4. C

    audio problem

    I have a ddpai x2 pro, I activated the function record video with audio but I find video on the SD card have no audio, how can I solve?
  5. kradkovich

    Power Magic EZ wont shut off

    So I installed the DR900s 2ch in my CLA 250 and used the power magic EZ to power it. Well After few days I noticed it does not shut off how i have configured it (12.0v & 6 HRS). I viewed the recordings and it just keeps recording the entire night over 6 hours. Any idea what might be the issue...
  6. F

    Peak dashcam won't charge.

    Hello guys, a few months back I got decent dashcam and a cheap dashcam (one for up front in my car and one in the back.) The better dashcam, the $80 one, had fantastic sound and video quality, and didn't have any issues until about a month ago. For some reason, the dashcam (Peak DashCam)...
  7. okram98

    Yi Dash Camera problem

    Got my Yi Dashcam today, international version, and it has some problems with recording, namely it starts to show horizontal lines after some 3-4 mins into the recording which go away once it reboots. Here's an example before reboot...
  8. U

    AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Start Up Problem

    Hi guys, I have the AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Car Dash Cam which was purchased back in 2016. The camera was working great until a couple of days ago. I turn the camera on and all i'm getting is the Auto Vox start up logo. After that nothing is loading up, it's just stuck on the logo and nothing else...
  9. M

    Mobius 1 recording problems

    Mobius firmware v2.41 Problem 1: Recording breaks into 30mins parts . EVEN WHEN SET TO MAX. Type: Mov. Problem 2: Video gets degrade as time passes ... Microsd used for tests: Kingston class 4 microsdhc 8gb Strontium Nitro 433X U1 microsdhc 16gb Going to try other cards later.
  10. kevindesousa

    Problem ThiEye T5E - Black screen & LED's on after firmware update

    Hi, I bought the Thieye T5E on March 2, 2017, everything was going well, I'm really happy with the quality of this camera. Having ordered the original remote Thieye, I received yesterday, I wanted to associate with the camera via bluetooth, it said to me "error bt pairing ..." I thought there...
  11. S

    FPV disabled my camera. Please help.

    I have recently bought a sj6 legend on Amazon, and was playing around with the settings. I saw FPV and I enabled it. The device turned off, and. I tried turning it on again, but it would just immediately turn off. I don't have a mini HDMI or DV cord, and I was wondering how I could disable FPV...
  12. T

    CF-100 stopped working - help?

    Guys, e few weeks ago, I posted here because I had found out that my rear cam was not filming anymore: After some tests, I tried to reinstall the last update: copied the update file on the SD card and when I started the...
  13. T

    CF-100 - problem with rear cam

    Last time I checked my CF-100's videos, I found out the rear cam stopped working properly. Actually, the rear video is just totally black. The cam still anounces "2 channel recording" when started... Has anyone allready experimented it? Any tip on what I can try to do? Format the memory card...
  14. S

    Dead mini 0801 - no lights/screen/startup tone/recording, even with battery removed

    I bought a mini 0801 from Aliexpress Givoe in Feb 2014. It worked well until Jul 2015 - one day I noticed it wasn't recording anything. There was no red/blue light, no startup tone, no screen on and nothing happening. That was when plugged into the GPS mount in the car. I took it inside and...
  15. marcowme

    F50 hardwiring issue

    I've had my mechanic hardwire a Thinkware F50 to my 2014 VW Polo with the Thinkware hardwiring kit. He din't use fuse taps but hardwired the cables "to the back of the fuses". The dashcam turns on and off with the car and records regularly but doesn't go into parking mode. The parking mode...
  16. Florida Dashcam

    Can't Select Segments of Clips on G1WH During Import. In Desparate Need of a Solution.

    Hey guys! New member here, just have a question. This is a problem I've been having, and it's driving me up a wall because NOBODY can seem to help me understand why this is happening. So I am hoping this amazing forum of all these knowledgeable people may be able to point me in the right...
  17. basior

    1.3.4 firmware loop recording problem

    Bought my yi 4k from gearbest, with the latest firmware and looks like there's bug in loop recording. Decided to use it today as dashcam, 5 min vides, loop recording, driving both ways ~30 mins. Don't know how but camera not only splitted files in 1-minute vids but also kept only 5 of them each...
  18. S

    A lot of reflections at night

    Hi, you can see it on this movie Do you have the same issue?
  19. B

    Prestigio RoadRunner 133

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, so if this topic is in the wrong place - apologies! I was given a Prestigio Roadrunner 133 for Christmas. I bought a Sandisk 32gb MicroSD card, but the cam won't recognise it. It keeps saying 'Please insert SD card'. I've had a quick look around...
  20. D

    Blackview failure. red LED is on, not booting (model DT01 a12 chipset)

    hello everyone. used over a year now, good video now stopped all together. its got constant red led on (till built in battery lasts). if connected power supply then blue led comes on but no booting. if pressed reset button, red led goes off. but if pressed ON button comes on again. removed...