A118C "NoGPS" Problem...

I appreciate your time in chatting with me (sorry for hijacking this thread). Here is the link on Ebay I got it from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/232146302035

US based seller by the looks of it and their feedback is pretty good, I'd take it up with them, if they can't get you a firmware to make the GPS work then might be better off to get yourself a refund

if you want to buy the original version of the product that does support GPS look for the Viofo version, you will pay a bit more than the copy but at least it works as it should, and has firmware, support etc available, I'd still suggest buying it locally though, the bit extra you pay is worth it for the support, Adorama, @CaptureYourAction and @OCD Tronic each sell and support the Viofo version, can be bought on their own websites or through Amazon, eBay etc if you want the buyer protection that goes along with that, there's also an A118C2 which is a newer version Viofo do which has a better lens and a couple of other changes
Do you have a link to your products on ebay?
I'm unfortunately out of stock on the A118C2, but have plenty of A119/A119S in stock.