1. U

    AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Start Up Problem

    Hi guys, I have the AUTO-VOX B40 A118C Car Dash Cam which was purchased back in 2016. The camera was working great until a couple of days ago. I turn the camera on and all i'm getting is the Auto Vox start up logo. After that nothing is loading up, it's just stuck on the logo and nothing else...
  2. T

    B40 GPS Not Working

    I have a Black Box B40 that I bought from Amazon and a GPS module that I also bought from Amazon, here are the links to both: I've read that I have to turn GPS on in the menu, but I don't see an option for GPS anywhere in either menu. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. T

    Car Number

    There is an option to enter a car number into the camera. When the display is on, the car number shows at the top of the screen Is there any way to get that number to show up in the video?
  4. B

    not recording sometimes

    My A118 seems to be not recording sometimes. It is recording most of the time. For example today, I left work to get lunch. I checked the A118 and it said it was recording, yet when I pull the SD card, there is no footage. It recorded the trip back to work. It also missed my journey to work in...
  5. Vanquished

    What gauge is the cable & how long is it?

    Hey Everyone, I have the B40/A118 dash cam, bought from Gearbest. I recently purchased a new vehicle and unfortunately I only have 2 DC outlets now (and only one that is on/off with ignition). As a result of this I need to combine cellphone and dashcam to one outlet. Does anyone know what...
  6. T

    Is this really a A118C/B40C?

    Hello, I have done a lot of research into dash cameras and figured the best bang for my buck was the A118C as opposed to risking it and paying more for something that can fry under the sun and inevitably die. Now, I previously ordered an A118C as a gift and it arrived in a box that was...
  7. aprilia

    A118C "NoGPS" Problem...

    -------------------------------- EDIT: The problem solved with new firmware: 20160130 or 20160316 -------------------------------- I have a problem with gps or cam; or both of them. I purchased them from different sellers on ebay. I had a trouble with cam about high-piched noise early. My gps...
  8. D

    Planning to get one - but overlapping video?

    Hi - I've got an Eprance 0805 fitted to one car - but I'm looking for something even more stealthy for another (perhaps one front and one back). I like the look of the B40 (or B40c) as it's compact and I feel I could leave it installed without having to put it away in a glove box, but watching...
  9. D

    B40 - LED Record Light Blinking and Solid During Drive

    Hi everyone. I just bought my first dashcam recently which is the B40 camera. Everything appears well so far, but I'm coming across a weird issue. During my daily commute, the dash Cam starts up, records and turns off like normal. The strange thing is that there are times where the camera's...
  10. M

    Firmware Flash question (A118C)

    Hey everyone, I want to flash my dash cam, do i copy the zip file to the root of the micro-sd only? or do i need to extract contents? The tut is not accurate and don't want to take the risk of bricking my new cam. Firmware download instructions sourced from this thread...
  11. SamKrin

    Unhappy Buyer from FoxOffer

    This was my first dashcam purchase so came to this site for a bit of insight and recommendations. I decided upon the B40 (A118) as it is one of the dashcams recommended, and bought it from FoxOffer via their eBay page/store as recommended on this site (https://dashcamtalk.com/b40-a118/). It...