AUTODVR.BY _ Street Guardian, BlackVue, Thinkware etc

Before selling I set up for maximum quality and optimize other parameters.
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there probably is demand for pre configured and tested camera in these markets, some people don't know (or don't want to know) how to update and configure, they just want it to work, whether you can do it cost effectively or not I'm not sure but there are people that will pay for the right result


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Nice layout :)
The English version:

Resolution=1080FHD 1920x1080
Cyclicity records=3 minutes (the duration of each videofile, and 1 min. to put)
WDR=Off (in dark the time of day if "on" will be better)
Motion sensor=Off.
VMotion Sensitivity=Low sensitivity
VMotion timeout=1 min (when "off" motion sensor is not true)
Sound recording=On.
Stamp date/time=On.
Show logo=On.
Shock sensor (G-sensor)=Low sensitivity

Date/time= ... (syncs automatically, after setting time zone and GPS connection)
Time zone=+3 (Minsk, Moscow)
The load delay=5 sec.
The Auto Power Off=Off.
Key sound=On.
The display off=1 min.
Format= ...
Factory settings= ...
CarNo= ... (you can enter the letters and numbers of license plate, etc.)
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from 14 August 2015, we accept payment bank cards of international payment systems
VISA and MasterCard (relevant only for CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States)
nice pictures
I both like and dislike special offer, cuz often it is not that much you save, and still they make me buy something i can not afford or should not spend that much money on :)
Since July 2021
, an official representative of the Taurus trading house starts working on the territory of Russia under the Street Guard brand

My opinion: a proven, reliable supplier!


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