1. ImpliedConsent

    Blackvue Firmware v1.006_2021.05.10

    Blackvue has released firmware v1.006_2021.05.10 for DR-900x (1ch and 2ch). Additional firmware updates to other models are listed below ((DR750-2CH LTE, DR900X/S, DR750X/S, DR590X/W, DR590 Series)
  2. BlackVue_Pittasoft

    New BlackVue DR750X PLUS Series Full HD Cloud Dashcam Now Available

    The DR750X Series Full HD Cloud dash cams are getting a refresh. Introducing DR750X Plus Series. The new models, DR750X-1CH Plus and DR750X-2CH Plus, while similar in appearance to the DR750X Series, introduce fundamental changes and upgrades to the current Cloud Full HD dash cam lineup...
  3. J

    USA For sale blackvue dr590w 2ch

    Selling my blackvue dr590w 2ch dashcam plus the power magic battery pack (B-112) eastvale california area
  4. ImpliedConsent

    Blackvue files - Good editor?

    I've recently installed a new Blackvue 900X 2CH. I've had a dashcam previously and have been happy editing, using Magix Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum. It's a good editor and well laid out. That all changed trying to edit the 900X files. (Quick question: are these the same file formats as the...
  5. U

    Can the Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack and the Power Magic Pro BlackVue Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention be used together?

    Hi. I am not yet fully versed in these things, so please bear with me! Can I hard-wire a Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack to an always-on fuse via a Power Magic Pro (PMP) BlackVue Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention (BDP)? My goal is to use the B-124X battery pack to support...
  6. L

    What do you think about this Power Bank/Station?

    Hi guys! I was looking for a Power Bank to keep my dash cam charged while in parking mode (I have a Blackvue DR750S-2CH-IR, plus a 4G LTE Wifi Wingle). I don’t drive very often, so for me there's no point in buying something like the Cellink Neo or the Power Magic Ultra Battery B124, I...
  7. Y

    DR900 video files

    So I got the DR900 and I’m testing it out and the files are pretty much all 1 min long. Looked in the manual and it says you can increase to 3 mins - is that it? Is there any way to increase that? I’m thinking of using the cam to sort of record a long road trip but not sure how to do that with...
  8. Y

    Question on how to wire a camera

    Hello, brand new to this and I’m a little confused on hardwiring a cam. Looking at the BlackVue DR900 and I’d like to wire the camera up to run when the vehicle is on. Can I just purchase the fuse tap and that’s it or do I need to purchase something like the Power Magic Pro? Apologies if this...
  9. T

    Blackvue B-124X adn B124E Charging

    I recently purchased a Dr900S-2ch and wanted to use the cloud for live viewing and remote access etc. I therefore purchased the B-124X and also the B-124-E as i also want to power a hot spot from the batteries. I drive on average 1hr 10 mins per day, and was wondering if these new batteries...
  10. L

    Thinkware U1000 and Vehicle Modem Power

    I have a 2020 Ford Escape - Titanium. I currently have my Thinkware U1000 (front and rear camera) system hardwired with a BlackVue B-124X battery. The cameras receive power without issue while parked. However, the vehicle's modem powers off, which prevents me from viewing the vehicle's camera...
  11. R

    Focus ST3 and dashcam battery pack

    Hi all Wondering if anyone has come across an issue with a dashcam and hardwired batterypack, this is in a Ford Focus ST. I'm having major issues and 2 x Blackvue B124 batterypacks swapped out (although no fault found with them) I have a case open with the vendor, but what I'm experiencing is...
  12. C

    360 Coverage | 2013 Chrysler 300C

    My primary issue is careless people in public parking spaces, but I also wanted to purchase a setup that would provide coverage while driving. So, I have purchased the following: Dashcam: BlackVue DR900S-2CH I have zero complaints about the BlackVue. However, as I am sure all of you are...
  13. R

    Location Event files

    Hello, Does somebody knows were the event files are located becasue I can't find them and someone hits our car :mad::mad::mad::mad: In the option menu I had selected that the event files could't be overwritten but it seems that it didn't work because I couldn't find them on my card? The app on...
  14. Jeremie

    BlackVue DR900S-2CH IR 4K UHD Dashcam with Driver-facing Infrared Camera Now Available

    Introducing BlackVue DR900S-2CH IR, the New Taxi Dash Cam Standard BlackVue introduces DR900S-2CH IR, a dual-channel taxi dashcam sporting a 4K UHD front camera and driver-facing Full HD infrared camera. The DR900S-2CH IR checks all the boxes when it comes to providing protection to drivers on...
  15. Y

    Potential Setup - Thoughts?

    Hey all, First time poster here from Canada. Bought a 2016 VW GTI and will be parking it outside so need a good front/rear setup with parking mode. Looking at getting either a Blackvue DR590 (Buffered parking mode) or Viofo A129 (timelapse - always recording). The climate here ranges from...
  16. Netz

    BlackVue 750S connect to PowerBank [Plug help]

    Hi Dashcam People! I have read in this forum that using a PowerBank could solve my issues when installing a BlackVue Dashcam DR750S-2CH in my Toyota C-HR (Hybrid 1.8) and want to use park mode? The car battery goes low quick (probably due to I don't drive very much and when I do it's normally...
  17. acolomba

    BlackVue Sync - A new portable, hands-off, automatic recording downloader for NAS or Docker

    Hello All, I made a new BlackVue recording LAN downloader. I've been using it for several months now, and it's ready for public consumption. GitHub: Docker Hub: Features: Portable runtimes: A single...
  18. C

    Blackvue app now has ADS

    I paid around $800 for the DR900S-2CH and the B-124 just to have Blackvue now show ads in their official app (IOS). Now before I want to watch a video stored on my camera I have to watch an ad. I will never purchase another Blackvue product.
  19. R

    DR650S-2ch internal GPS CMOS battery dead

    I've had this set for about two years now and it's been great. The last month or so, I noticed that the time in the video keeps slipping and resetting to 0:00. I would think that the thing would grab the time off of the GPS satellites, but no.... It has a CMOS battery in it to hold it's time...
  20. G

    BlackVue Downloader [Latest]

    Hi all, Check out Blackvue Downloader's New Website: Here: Windows Store Link: Stepping of the shoulders of others who figured out the Blackvue communication I have created a Windows Taskbar App to...