1. htpoint

    Thinkware Q200 Review

    The new Thinkware Q200 Dash Cam
  2. htpoint

    New ,Thinkware Q200 2CH Dash Cam Review

    There are a few pros and cons about this new q200, let me know what you think or if you are planning on getting this dash cam
  3. I

    Does U3000 use radar for driving assistant??? or pure vision?

    the ADAS feature has been in thinkware dashcam for a while, but the u3000 is the first integrated with radar, I wonder does it use radar for driving assistant? or like other thinkware dashcam just use pure vision? I think it's good and future-proof to use some sort of fusion algorithm(like...
  4. M


    Hey guys , im UK user , have a small issue. I bought U3000 but i had an accident and cables for rear and power get damaged, Thinkware is not selling them separately, I don’t know what to do as i got £500 camera catching dust .. Any link where i can get something that will work ?? Thanks
  5. M

    Thinkware U1000 WiFi does not work properly anymore

    Hi everyone I'm in a little bit of an unfortunate situation right now. I bought a thinkware u1000 dashcam from bestbuy in March 2022 and it is now out of warranty. The WiFi on it stopped working properly (constantly disconnects, sometimes connecting to it reboots the dashcam). Thinkware is...
  6. C

    A vote for the Thinkware T700

    I can only speak as I find but I've recently purchased the T700 from Thinkware. I have the front and rear camera model, I added the BAB-50 external battery as the first day after installing I came out to a flat car battery, now I could have just set the camera to turn off when the car battery...
  7. htpoint

    Thinkware U3000 Review

    Here is my review of the new Thinkware U3000 Review, this dashcam has a few things going for it like the built in radar, the new Sony Starvis 2.0 I did cover majority of all the features and there is the footage of day and night would love to know what you think.
  8. DrekiTech

    Thinkware Snap-G Gimbal Camera

    Gimbaled camera with screen akin to DJI Osmo Pocket series Highlight features: 4K60, removable battery and livestreaming capability Tech specs not available yet Indigogo campaign to boost hype Link to website Interesting to see a dashcam maker trying to enter the lifestyle camera market. To my...
  9. V

    Help - Thinkware F200 Pro hardwire installation not working

    Hi all, I am having problems doing the hardwire install in my Thinkware F200 Pro dashcam Details: Location: UK Car: VW Passat B6 (2008) Right Hand Drive, Diesel 2.0 TDI CR I have been using my dashcam without any problems using the cigarette lighter, but wanted to do a proper hardwire...
  10. iamback

    EU Dash Cam Thinkware U1000 4K QHD 2ch, ADAS, RADAR [SOLD]

    I'm selling my Thinkware U1000 dashcam, I've sold my second car and so I have a dashcam more. My system is 4K front / 2K rear dashcam system, complete of original bundle and box. In addition, included in the price: - Radar; - OBD cable; - a 2nd memory card SD SanDisk Extreme V30 XC I 128GB...
  11. jfsoto1988

    How do you reduce glare on IR dash camera?

    I am testing a Thinkware 360 degree dash cam setup on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE SUV. My setup is F200 in the front, two F50 (with anti tampering cases)for the rear sides, & F200 IR interior for the rear. The foldup rear window that these older SUVs have might make running the cable for the...
  12. S

    U1000 Remote live view in endless loop without image...

    Hi all, I am new hear and hope you can help me with my issue! First I want to give you some datas about my setup. My Phone: -Huawei Mate 20X (EVR-L29) -Android 10 My Dashcam: -Thinkware U1000 -Firmware v1.00.15 My Location: -Germany My Problem: I connected the dashcam with my...
  13. jfsoto1988

    What would you recommend? Any helpful tips?

    I am currently testing Thinkware F50 dash cameras as rear side view cameras on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SUV. I have a Thinkware F200 2CH dash camera in the front, but unfortunately, I don't think the cable is long enough to connect the 2nd channel rear camera. Another problem is that it has...
  14. jfsoto1988

    Passing on the right and threatening traffic poles.

    Here is what my Thinkware F200 recorded the other day. The original resolution is 1080p but I had it edited on the Kinemaster app which only allows 720p. What is going on the mind of this driver? Passing aggressively on the right and almost crashing into a traffic pole.
  15. G

    Blackvue / Thinkware Installers In Scotland

    Hi, I'm changing my vehicle at the beginning of March and I'm looking at a new install to replace my Blackvue DR 750 2CH. I completed a 'DIY' install with the Blackvue (it's not hardwired, other than to a battery pack) but I would like the next install to be hard wired as it will be a new...
  16. Sky1

    Does Radar module stop transmitting when car is started?

    Does anyone know if the Radar Module discontinues transmitting RF when the car is started? I am concerned that the RF may interfere with the sensitivity of my radar detector.
  17. TKSX

    How to format memory card in TW U1000

    My apologies if this is a silly question. Is there any way to forgot the memory card on the dashcam? The user manual didn't mention anything and unlike the F100 / Q800 Pro,
  18. S

    How much data does remote live view use?

    If I do remote live view one time, how much hotspot data does it use? Is the remote live view 4k/2k resolution or reduced resolution to do quick data transfer?
  19. egonvdv

    Dashcam viewer won't play front & rear at same time

    al the files are there an i can play them one by one (front/rear/front/rear...) but the player won't join front & rear together. (the gps data/map does play simultaneously )
  20. S

    Just bought the Genesis 2019 AWD, just a few questions about the Thinkware U1000

    Hey All, I just purchased the 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T AWD. I'm thinking about hardwiring the Thinkware U1000 to the fuse box. The questions I have regarding the dash cam and fuse box are: 1) When I am parking at home in my garage, how would I turn off the dash cam so no battery drain is...