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  1. D

    2019 Ford Focus - can't find good ACC fuse

    Hi there, Just bought an SG9663DCPRO with hardwire kit, for my 2019 Ford Focus. I wired it up and used the 'Parking Assist Control Module' fuse as the ACC piggyback, and the alarm fuse for the always on piggyback. The camera functioned correctly, entering parking mode when the ignition is...
  2. D

    Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 2016 edition keeps restarting over and over

    I have a Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 2016 edition that's 2.5 years old. I guess it's out of warranty now. It just started rebooting over and over again. It starts up, then the screen slowly fades and it restarts again. Over and over again. Looks like a power issue to me. Maybe the...
  3. DashCam Bros

    DashCam Bros | US Retailer of Dash Cams with Exceptional Customer Service

    Hi All, This is Kenton from the DashCam Bros team. We are based on the East Coast of the United States and provide customers a wide range of dash cams that meet our quality standards, (such as BlackVue, Thinkware, and Street Guardian products) as well as related accessories (polarizing filters...
  4. D

    Blurry on one side

    Hello, I have V3 of the Street Guardian SG9665gc. It's a great camera, but the left side of the footage tends to be blurrier than the right. I have the polorizing lens on correctly, and since it's a small car, I wondered if it could be the way the windshiled is curved. Maybe I'm just going...
  5. niko

    Amazon.ES (SPAIN) - "Street Guardian" Dash Cameras on SALE

    Click HERE to see offers.
  6. alexsoll

    Street Guardian SG9663DC (DC = Dual Channel)

    Street Guardian SG9663DC (DC = Dual Channel) CPU: Novatek NT96663 CMOS sensor (front camera): Sony Exmor R IMX291 (Starvis) CMOS sensor (back camera): Sony Exmor IMX323 Lens: 7 elements, metal case holder, glass optics, angle of view (135° diagonal) Video resolution: 1 camera separately...
  7. alexsoll

    Test Street Guardian SG9665XS evening/night/day etc ...

    SG9665XS_the first test_night_default settings Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : QuickTime Codec ID : qt 0000.00 (qt ) File size : 326 MiB Duration : 3 min Overall bit rate...
  8. C

    Midland STREET GUARDIAN have pre-buffered parking mode?

    I'm interesting on buying a dash cam, with pre-buffered parking mode function. I want to know if the Midland STREET GUARDIAN have pre-buffered parking mode? Also I looked at BlackVue DR3500FHD. What are your advices?
  9. R

    Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 video qualiy issue

    the video on my Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 sometimes gets really weird and saturated during both daytime and night time. it's also a little blurry sometimes when trying to read licence plates, i have attributed this to possibly being due to the glare from my dash but am unsure. the below video...
  10. T

    What's in the box and basic install

    Just received my Street Guidarian SG9665GC, and there's a lot of stuff in the box! After watching some YouTube unboxing videos where the person had no idea what some of the stuff was for, I decided to make my own YouTube video to explain. Jon Smejkal of Pier28 was very helpful in answering my...
  11. K

    Which camera ?

    I want to buy a new dash cam for the front and rear of my car. I don't mind buying two individual ones or 2 channel one. Price isn't such a huge issue. Camera will be hardwired. Looking for something reliable, good video quality (night and daytime) and good parking mode. I was looking at the...
  12. S

    Car battery keeps dying

    Hello all, I currently have two street guardian sg9665gc hardwired with the cell power in my car, but the problem is that the cameras seem to stay on all the time or the cut off is too low for my car. End result is that my car battery constantly goes flat. My battery is 4 years old which could...
  13. kajmac

    Comparison: SGZC12RC-V2 vs Mini 0806

  14. twodogron

    SGZC12RC and GPS

    I'm new to this forum so please be patient with me..... I'm really trying hard to decide which Dash Cam to buy but I am finding the variety of available cams out there very confusing....... This subject has probably been addressed earlier by someone else but is there a technical reason why...
  15. kajmac

    In need of a reliable camera!

    It was last week as someone drove into my car in the parking lot, damage of $ 14,000. They drove away without leaving a note, hit and run :(. I have two cameras in the car. A mini 0806 front and 0803 rear, but the 0806 corrupted the files, 5 min before i parked and after. Mini 0803 had not...
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