Memory cards working with the A139


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Feb 9, 2019
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Yea, probably somewhat obvious, but the Sandisk High Endurance 256GB card does work. I'll second that one. Would be nice to see some 512GB users. I am all for storage. My PC has over 20TB's - and I could always use more ;)

Sandisk High Endurance 256GB

I mean 256 is sufficient. It gives a few days of recording. Enough time if an event happens, you have time to pull off the video. Generally speak, if the accident is major, chances the camera is going to be continuously running afterwards are slim. And in the event that happens, send a family member or police out to the car to yank the power cable and eject memory card.

As if the accident isn't your fault, video would be considered evidence that the police / insurance company would definitely want preserved.
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