Mini 0807


Feb 26, 2015
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United Kingdom
OK then, so don't dump it. If you're happy to risk it, use it in another device and then use the working Samsung card in the 807.
It seems you're looking for a technical answer to fix the card, so you can go back to using it in the 807 when, frankly, there isn't one. I had a Pro Sandisk 64gb MicroSD card that refused to work in one of my DJI quads, which worked in it without a single issue for more than 18 months, but then, suddenly during a flight, it just stopped. It'd format fine but just wouldn't record and yet it worked in another DJI quad perfectly! Why's that then??! Although it was annoying, I honestly didn't really care, so I chucked the card and replaced it, as I did not want to risk it failing once again during a flight. My advice is worry about it - life's too short; forget it and move on mate....