New A119 V3 customer (done extensive research on power source/fuse box), few questions: 1) camera constantly records 2) motion v.s. parking


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Jan 9, 2021
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Spent the entire day installing this camera with a hardwire kit (w/ the low voltage protector), still can't seem to get the camera to behave while car is on/running, and while car is off/parked.
  • Vehicle is a 2010 Infiniti EX35
  • Did extensive research on the cabin fuse box, identified each fuse slot's power source (Battery v.s. ACC v.s. ON v.s. START) thru the vehicles service/repair manual, and used voltmeter to identify line/load side of the fuse slot
  • Have the correct insertion of the car fuse, and the hardwire kit fuse, inserted into the fuse tap, and fuse tap inserted correctly into the car fuse slot
Desired outcome:
  • Turn car on, camera start recording
  • Turn car off, camera stops recording, goes into "motion detection mode" and starts recording for short durations only when FOV detects motion (or triggered by other sensors)
    • Clarification needed #1: what is the difference between "Parking Motion Detection" and just "Motion Detection"? Especially when owner's manual specifically says "• Do not turn on ‘Motion Detection’ unless your vehicle is parked. If ‘Motion Detection’ is enabled while driving, the camera may not record continuously."
Actual outcome (with hardwire kit plugged into fuse with power source = Battery), below is in the order of operation:
  1. Desired outcome: Turn car on, camera starts recording (REC button is a constant red)
  2. Undesired outcome: Turn car off, camera does NOT stop recording (REC button is still a constant red). Sit in car that's off for 5+ mins and camera continues to record
    • Clarification needed #2: Is the only way to stop recording (with power source = Battery) by manually pressing the REC button every time I park a car?
    • Clarification needed #3: Regardless of how the camera stops recording, the entire time the car is off & idle (say 12 hours overnight), asking if the REC button should be flashing red the entire time (display shuts off after a minute or so).
Any help would be appreciated. - Derek
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Welcome to DCT Derek :)

I can only speak of some of this as I don't own that cam but do read of other's experiences with it. With the HWK the V3 should be switching to parking mode but niot immediately; IIRC the delay is 45 seconds. but it may not do this with motion detect turned on during normal recording if there is motion being detected. The MD settings are separate for parking and driving- driving should be "off" and parking should be "on". There are known issues with this cam regards this; it seems that FW versions later than 1.5 do not allow this kind of parking mode to function correctly, so to use it you may need to 'downgrade' the FW as new units are probably shipped with newer FW.

This kind of behavior can also occur when the HWK "ACC" wire is tapped into a circuit which does not immediately drop power when the car is switched off. Many of today's cars have 'delayed power off' on some circuits which maintain power for a given time (time varies by car) or when some other action occurs such as closing or locking the car door when parking. You'll need a DMM (voltmeter) or 12V LED test light hooked up to where your "ACC" wire goes to ensure it is actually switching off at the key turning off.

With the V3 and all subsequent Viofo cams it seems that "low bitrate" or "time-lapse" parking modes are more reliable than motion detect. Most experienced dashcam users who use parking modes have switched to "low-bitrate" in cams where it is available as a more certain way of capturing an event without depending on it being detected, as with it the cam is always recording, just at a lower vid quality, which saves some on card wear and increases recording time for a given card size.

This is a good and popular cam so I'm sure others here will come along here to share what they know regards anything else with this cam. But try the MD settings first, and then test the "ACC" circuit's functionality with a meter or light if you can as those are the usual causes of these symptoms.

Sounds like your fuse for the yellow wire is still powered when you think it should be off. As SawMaster said, some cars will have delayed power off of the acc fuses. Maybe open and close the drivers door?

I would test the fuse for the yellow wire with the multimeter when the car is off, but the camera is still running in regular mode (not parking mode) and see if there is still power at the yellow wire. Another way to test, is to pull the fuse tap for the yellow wire out of the fuse box and see if the camera enters parking mode then. It should enter parking mode within a few seconds of the car being shut off (or whenever yellow wire loses power).