Now Testing Samsung EVO 512GB Cards on Street Guardian products (First up, SG9663DC PRO)

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May 14, 2013
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Oakland Park, Florida (USA)
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We are now testing Samsung EVO 512GB Cards on a Street Guardian products. So far so good on the SG9663DCPRO. SGGCX2PRO should also work too. We'll let this run a few weeks.

It's showing over 58 hours available in single channel mode quality setting set to HIGH (18Mbps)


We'll test the new 1TB cards as soon as they become available. :)
gee, cards are just getting bigger and bigger.
I have applied to my provider to be 5G tester, which i hope also mean they will send me a phone that actually support it.
But i have a sneaky feeling they will choose a larger town for their test area.
This is getting out of hand...
This is getting out of hand...
I agree. Every time I get to a place where I think I'll be happy (as in 256GB cards) technology comes along with something that I think will make me even happier.

I wonder if there's a 12-step program for this? :unsure::D
I suppose we could petition for a USB 3 port and then just daisy chain external SSDs?
Awesome. I recently switched out my SanDisk a1 400gb card to a Samsung 64 gb endurance card for testing. The 400 gb card never failed me and I'll will be reinstalling it in a few weeks. Or I may just save it for the DR when it's released.
512GB Testing has been rock solid. We are now offering 512GB bundles for the SGGCX2PRO and SG9663DCPRO for all USA listings.
<sigh> Just placed Amazon order for new card. When will this lunacy end? :banghead:
what are 512gb cards worth these days in $AUD?
well i often envy the Americans and the price for some stuff over there, but it is not like they get things that much cheaper, but still savings i wish i have a part of.
Even with the well documented high price of being so privileged to live in Denmark.
25% USA tariffs are coming soon for ALL products made in China it seems. I’m glad some of the cards are made in other countries to keep the prices down.
Glad I got mine when I did (just delivered a couple hours ago) - because of the tariffs and the fact that the EVO Select is not even available on Amazon now.