1. dieskim

    70 Mai Dash Cam Light Start-Up Sounds can't disable

    Hi, does anyone else here have the 70 Mai Dash Cam Light, it's the one with the screen and golden camera part. I just got it and I am unable to disable the start-up / shut-down sounds. I disabled it in setting via the camera and app but it won't disable. Any suggestions?
  2. M

    Dash Cam Maximum Video Recording Length

    I'm looking to purchase an entry level Dash Cam.The Yi and 70mai seems like a good choice.But i noticed from some forums that the maximum video recording duration for a single clip is just 3 mins in Yi Dashcam. Does all the DashCams record short duration clips ? Please advice.
  3. C

    SD card capacity low

    I just got 70mai dashcam pro, but when I was trying to turn it on screen said that SD card capacity is low (I have 32GB sd card, Class 10). I had to format it twice and then it worked, but when I turned camera off, problem was same again. Have someone same problem? How can i solve it?
  4. E

    70mai Firmware Update (changing from Chinese to English)

    Hi Guys, I have my hands on two 70mai Dash cams... One is English, one is Chinese. Is there any comparison or work I can do in order to figure out if the Chinese one will accept (or accept with modification) the English firmware? Really like these cameras, just want an English voice if possible!