a129 duo

  1. H

    Unplugging front and rear dash cams... from the driver's seat...

    So, I'm thinking of purchasing the A129 Pro Duo to protect myself and for all the reasons people love their dashcams (I currently have none). The only complication for me is that I regularly visit an area where photography (to include dash cams) is not permitted and I would be fine to have cams...
  2. TonyM

    A129 Purple Tint

    My A129 front camera has developed a purple tint, when driving in overcast conditions. The rear camera colour seems fine. Any thoughts? FW V1.50, WDR is off, front EV -2/3, rear EV+0.
  3. alamsas

    Hardwiring Kit fuse options

    Hi guys, I have a '19 WRX and attached is my fusebox map under the driver's side. I understand I need piggyback fuses and so I bought two.. but I realized I could plug the yellow (ACC) wire in one of the vacant slots. The red (Battery) wire however, needs to be actually piggybacked with...
  4. S

    A129 parking mode not working by powerbank !

    Hi I'm using a129 on my kia cerato When attached to cigarate , after 5 minutes switch from driving to parking mode ( acc on ) But when attached to power bank ( acc off ) , all time working on driving mode! Can you help me ?

    Hardwiring A129 Duo in Ford F150

    I want to hardwire A129 to my F150 mainly for parking mode. Question is, which fuses should I tap for the 3 wire hardwiring kit? Which ones are on all the time (for red wire) and which ones turn on after I press start button (for yellow wire) ?
  6. A

    Buttons on Dash Cam kinda not working?

    Hi there! I just got my A129 Duo a few days, and haven't had a chance yet to install it in my car. I played around with it for the first time yesterday and put in a new mircoSD card into it (SanDisk Ultra Plus A1 64GB), while I was waiting for my Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB to come in the mail...
  7. G

    Viofo A129 Duo does not complete loop recording....

    Hi, I just joined. I will be brief. I got Viofo A129 Duo around the last quarter of 2018. I discovered it does not complete the loop recording set. This was not the case when I got it. It stops recording(the red recording light doesn't blink) at about 26 secs and starts a new record about...
  8. S

    Frustrated with the A129...rear camera keeps failing

    So I bought the A129 and the rear camera has been an issue since the beginning. First I started getting random beeps from the main camera and with the beeps I could see the rear camera flicker in the display. The beeps started getting more and more frequent thus the disconnections from the rear...
  9. Fostel

    Viofo A129 BLUETOOTH always ON issue. Will this be addressed in the future Firmware?

    I was using VIOFO A119 v1 before and I liked it a lot so I upgraded to A129 Duo as I trust the company. My biggest gripe with the new dashcam is that there is no BLUETOOTH ON/OFF option in the settings. It is in the user manual, page 21 but it is removed from the dashcam settings. I asked a...
  10. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 Duo new Cameras including Infrared for Uber Lyft Taxi

    The A129 Duo Dual Channel 5Ghz WiFi Dash Cam has the most features of all VIOFO products. The accessories and options keep expanding and improving and now include new Cameras. This post will be updated will all Camera versions. The new camera 180 degree Lens rotation feature is a real game...