1. C

    A500 + WIFI + iPhone

    Hi guys, I just bought the dashcam A500 pro plus but I have a problem. When I want to connect my iPhone (iPhone X, iOS 14.4, last update) to the wifi hotspot of the camera, it tells me "no internet connection" And because of that, I can't use the app to add the device on my phone... No update...
  2. M

    70mai pro stuck on 1.0.4na

    Hello guys and the 70mai official engineers, I have just purchased a 70mai pro dash cam from the official store, I have been using before the xiaomi mija cam and thought that this was a good upgrade, I have the GPS module as well and the ADAS functions work well. The only thing that is an...
  3. kehray

    Cannot export video from Dashcam Viewer to Photos (iOS)

    Hello, Is anyone having the problem of not being able to export downloaded videos in the Dashcam Viewer app to their Photos app on iOS? I always get an export failed message when doing so. I'm on iOS 13.3 with the app version of V 2.3.0. Does anyone have a work around for this? (Other then...
  4. N

    Questions about the upcoming smartphone app

    Hi all! New here, been reading and researching for my very first dash cam, leaning very heavily towards Street Guardian. I remember reading somewhere in the forum that Street Guardian is developing their own smartphone app. I had at first dismissed SG in my research because of there only being...
  5. G

    Critical bug on android app (Samsung s8+)

    Hello all. I need to inform that app on samsung galaxy s8+ has critical problem. When camera in recording mode and i try to switch app on landscape mode, application and entire phone Locks. Only whay to heandle it to hard restart. Several times this happens also when i try to go photo gallery...
  6. smalldragor

    ThiEYE app crashes recording

    Hello All I just might be the unluckiest T5e owner. I bought this camera on amazon and I enjoyed it like 5 minutes because the LCD screen went black and that is it. So I wrote an email to ThiEYE support. Well lucky me... I got a replacement camera after a month - only camera and nothing else...
  7. MattijsDS

    App Doesn't download video

    Hi I'm since a week or 2 a proud owner of the DR750S-2CH. Works like a charm! I can connect my cell Phone via the BlackVue-app via Wifi to the camera (connection is great, I can see liveview, change settings,...) but when I try to download video to internal memory it stays at 0%. I did it with...
  8. Ferginator

    Where is the cloud code?

    Hello, I'm trying to get blackvue cloud viewer on my desktop and it needs the cloud code but don't know where to find that. I found my S/N but couldn't find my cloud code. I sent an email to blackvue support but never heard back. Is there somewhere on the device or software to find that?
  9. S

    F770 Android app with MX player issues

    Hi, my first post here. I have the F770 front and rear in my Tesla and installed the Dash Cam Mobile Viewer app version 2.1.1 on my Android phone version 6.0.1. When connected to the F770 wifi I wanted to see the movie clips and had to install the MX player for it. That gave quite some issues...
  10. Fusion Next

    Fusion Next just release FNMultiCam iOS version for testing (can support multi-platform)

    We are please release FNMulticam iOS version for testing , please download as follow link : There are key features : 1.One app support multi-platform : AMBA, NTK,AIT, OTUS 2.Local camera (phone camera) support , use can use remote cam & local cam...
  11. J

    New OSX App to show video + route

    Just to let you know that I released a new App called "Movies And Maps" in the Apple App Store for OSX. You can play the the videos from the Dashcam and it shows the route and current position on a map. The App supports NMEA log files, but you can create your own import filters (for example...
  12. J

    Android app for multi channel DVR

    Hi, I'm about to buy an android head unit (Joying) for my Passat which has rear view camera and a DVR app for recording from an additional USB camera. I would like to install an app that will record the rear view feed (analogue) and the feeds from two additional USB HD cameras, dash and...
  13. X

    Why doesn't the "adjust lens distortion" tool in app work?

    I'm trying to apply this tool from within the app. It's clearly available; not grayed-out or anything. But when I toggle it on, there's a preloader for a couple of seconds and it just toggles itself back off. I've tried with several resolutions to see if it was something that couldn't be handled...
  14. S

    Xiaomi Yi Live preview video recording is choppy/Laggy

    Hi, My xiaomi Yi 1080p 60fps, 720p 60fps live preview video recording is streaming Choppy/laggy in my Samsung S3 mobile and moreover higher fps recording are not showing preview at all, but the playback in my PC's Windows media player is fine. Is this a common problem? I realised this after...
  15. E

    Using Andriod App to record at 4K on the 5000x elite

    Hi - First post, so hi all. I have just got the new 5000x elite which records at 4K and 2K. I have downloaded onto my phone the Andriod app SJCAMHD which works pretty well, apart from the the highest resolution you can set it too when recording is 1080p. The camera, when connected via WiFi...
  16. dhavie

    What happen to my DR650GW-2CH?? SD Card or Units?

    Well, I never done this before but today, out of the blue, when I hop up to my car I check my dashcam though the app, I was shock that I am not able to see any files. What had happen? The SD Card is there and seems all fine. Power not off because I have a Power pack. I off the Cam and pull out...