1. A

    VIOFO A129 or Blueskysea 4K hardwire kit

    I'm considering buying either a VIOFO A129 or a Blueskysea 4K dashcam. The VIOFO one has a HK3 hardwire kit (link) which doesn't seem to include fuse taps. For the Blueskysea 4K, I see that the wiring kit includes fuse taps and is cheaper (link). Can the B4K hardwire kit be used in place of...
  2. rcg530

    Blueskysea B4K Rear Dash Camera Video Test

    I test the recently upgraded B4K 1080p rear dash camera. It has an upgraded Sony Starvis IMX307 image sensor.
  3. Woodzman

    Deer at Night. BlueSkySea B4K

  4. estore009

    DV988 camera installation photos

    Kawasaki W650 installation photos
  5. C

    Parking mode and battery pack

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out I wanted to buy a B1W and a Beaudens LiFePO4 Power Station and have it set up to the rear side in my car. Would I be able to use the PS efficiently, especially for its parking mode?
  6. D

    Dash Cam stuck on loading page 'BlueSkySea'

    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me? I had my car battery replaced yesterday and now my dash cam is not working. It turns on but just stays on the BlueSkySea loading page. Before yesterday, it was working completely fine. I can now only access the camera’s options if I use the car to turn...
  7. TonyM

    B2W Sample Videos

    Open thread for anyone to post sample videos from the new Blueskysea B2W Dual Lens 1080p dashcam. My review sample was sent by @estore009 and is running beta V0521. The camera has Sony Starvis IMX307 sensors on both front & rear cameras, and has an automatic switching IR cut filter for the rear...
  8. D

    Today is 9/17, B1W shows it hasn't recorded since 9/14

    Went back to my car and notice a small scratch coming from a white car. No big deal, my car is really old and I don't mind if there are small scratches or whatever since idiots in this parking garage can't park if their own lives depended on it. I just wanted to check the the footage of my B1W...
  9. JDtime

    IOS App Big ISSUES

    The latest update version of the IOS app 1.7.7 that was just released has big issues. The text is chinese and no way to change it to english. The other issue is the date format wont let you change it at all. When will these issues be fixed in the app with a new release. The app is unusable to...
  10. S

    Capacity Allocation

    Hi - Received my new Blueskysea today, mounting in the rear window to complement a GPS A119 at the front. All seems fine so far. had to disable mobile data on my Android 7.0 phone to get a wifi connection, but I don't expect to be using it often once everything's set up. One quick...
  11. estore009

    Blueskysea B1W dashcam

    Blueskysea B1W HD 1080p WIFI dashcam Super mini size 360 degree rotating design All black body and stealthy design Parking gurad mode with hardwire kit One entry-level dashcam,No operation button on camera Now the question is what is the value its worth might be?
  12. N

    Can't get parking mode activated using a Vico-Power hardwire kit

    Hey all, I just got finished installing a new "BlueSkySea" brand 0906 I got from Amazon alongside a Vicovation Vico-Power hardwire kit in my car. The camera is working perfectly as well as the power kit but I cannot get the camera to activate parking mode. As I'm sure you'll ask, I have the...
  13. T

    G90 and Junsun blueskysea A7810 (B47FS-D1) A7LA70 with OV4689 the same?

    Hi there, sorry, I'm a complete newbie and this might sound like a stupid question. I recently (before discovering this forum) bought a "blueskysea" Dashcam off AliExpress, namely this one...
  14. S

    Fakes, battery, quality and reliability

    Hello friends, I visit the site for some time but never got to write here ... Recently I purchased two cameras from EBAY. One is - G3WL. The second is - Blueskysea G1W-C. I must say I was very disappointed ... Before I begin I should point out that two cameras are original, which was very...