1. Andredetoxx

    White screen or recovering most of the times

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I will jump straight to the point. Dash cam constantly is recovering or showing white screen where it’s not responsive at all and pluging it off from power and holding power button for a long time helps for a short time but soon problems comes back. I’m...
  2. J

    Battery Pack Help

    I used to have the VIOFO A119S which was a good DashCam at a good price. But it recently broke and I wanted a reliable DashCam so I saw the Thinkware F800 and bought it. But my 2017 Nissan Altima sucks because the Cig Voltage Ports turn off when the car shuts off. I then decided to buy two...
  3. Handbanana

    Micro-SD video files sometimes unreadable, sometimes not

    My dashcam is a Cobra DriveHD Bluetooth 855 Model. Sometimes when I place the micro-sd card into my phone, random video files (roughly a third or so, maybe half) will appear as '0 bytes', and obviously won't play. Occasionally instead of 0 bytes, the file size is just unsually small (like 50...
  4. Blink Blink

    The driver of this vehicle RA55 UXT tailgating me at 70mph

    The driver of the Skoda Octavia with registration RA55 UXT in this video decided to tailgate me on the fast lane a few days ago as it rained. I had no chance to speed off because I would have ended up tailgating the vehicle in front of my bike neither could I switch lanes because there were...
  5. D

    Low bitrate and low fps settings

    I've been trying to find information about the Mobius lower bitrate and low framerate 5fps settings with no success. Seems like people are only concerned with the best quality settings. What is the bitrate at the lowest option selectable? And when you reduce FPS does it scale the bitrate to...
  6. TonyCams

    SJDASH+ GPS Dashcam -

    the SJDASH+ will be similar in size than the SJDASH..... SJDASH+ will have upgraded chipset and Sony sensor allowing for better night vision images.
  7. G

    Dashcam with AV-out

    Hi. I've already bought the Viofo A119 dashcam, which I think is great (maybe not yet perfect as a feature, but is advancing very fast and improving a lot) on the front glass and I would also like to put a dashcam on the rear. I just tried to put the A119 on and try too hard (I would not like...
  8. Paul Iddon

    Z-Edge Z3 Plus Car Black Box Dashcam Review

    Thank you to Z-Edge for sending me their dashcam to review. Remember I am not a professional reviewer, I'm just the typical as they say "Joe Bloggs" - a person who may be in the market looking for a dashcam for the car. The dashcam came well packaged in a strong box: This contained the...
  9. Dashcam Guy

    Gave up after my failing SECOND Blackvue DR750s

    So I ordered the Blackvue DR750s as soon as it was released on the Blackboxmycar site. I spared no expense (got the Cellink B battery pack, harwire kit, rear camera, 128gb card, and CPL filter for the glare). It was an easy install in my 2015 Lexus IS Fsport, but I immediately noticed it had...
  10. D

    Blurry on one side

    Hello, I have V3 of the Street Guardian SG9665gc. It's a great camera, but the left side of the footage tends to be blurrier than the right. I have the polorizing lens on correctly, and since it's a small car, I wondered if it could be the way the windshiled is curved. Maybe I'm just going...
  11. G

    One dashcam in the front and One in rear independent of each other

    Hello to all, I'm looking for 2 independent dashcams between them (so NOT a DUAL system) One I try to position on the front glass with the following features: - $ 125 budget - 1080p (30 or 60 fps) - CAPACITOR (NO BATTERY) - good visibility at night (no flames, not to be disturbed by the lights...
  12. K

    A119 SpyTech Dashcam Drained My Honda Battery

    Hard to believe but It did happen twice in a day. 1. I installed A119 in my card after coming from work around 6pm. I decided to use cigarette charger that is available 'under my armrest'. I tested that the dashcam is not turned on when the car is off and with that, I left the dashcam...
  13. GRDIAN


    Hi everyone, Here to introduce the DEFENDR+ to the dashcamtalk community. The DEFENDR+ starts at $139.99. An optional GPS adapter is available for $24.99. Cheers! Download unedited raw videos for your viewing pleasure https://www.grdian.com/blog/download-unedited-raw-defendr-dash-cam-footage...
  14. Veckle DashCam

    Veckle Mini 0905/JOJOQ Dash Cam 1080P FHD with CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor

    Veckle Mini 0905/JOJOQ Dash Cam Full HD 1080P 7 Lens with Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, CPL Filter, G-Sensor, WDR Specification Chipset: NT96655 Camera: SONY IMX322 2MP CMOS Lens Diagonal View Field: 135 Degree Aperture: F1.7 LCD screen: 1.5inch TFT Built in 200mAh lithium battery...
  15. Y

    F800 pictures and videos

    Just installed Thinkware F800 + Cellink B
  16. D

    Why no top level forum for Garmin dashcams?

    Garmin units are probably the best selling brand in the US, considering they are sold at every Best Buy store, Fry's, etc. Why is Garmin relegated to a subforum under "Other Brands"? I didn't even find this subforum until recently even though I've been using Garmins for 3 years!
  17. M

    Need help - Dashcam hardwire/Dashcam in general. Power magic pro query! Focus mk3

    Hi all, New to the forum and dash cams in general. Recently purchased two dash cams for my car, Ford Focus mk3 (2013). Currently have front and rear dash cams. Front camera is the Nextbase 512g, hardwired into passenger fuse box (fuse 85 - 7.5a fuse / hot on ignition). Rear dashcam, Nextbase...
  18. C

    My WR1 Review in Various Lighting / Weather Conditions & Comparisons

    Information: WR1 Camera @ Default Settings (Cars clock needed resetting so not showing correct time) Dawn Image shot @ 5.30 am Dusk Images shot @ 21.30 pm Sunny Daytime Images @ 14.30 pm Night Images Shot between 23.30 pm - 00.30 am Mobius and Vico footage were previously recorded stock...
  19. E

    Thinkware F750 Randomly shuts down

    First post on this site, hope all are well :) I have a small issue that I will try and explain briefly down here that I would like suggestions on please. I have four vehicles that I have the ThinkWare F750 along with the rear camera installed on and all of them are doing the same thing. List of...
  20. TonyCams

    SJCAM SJDASH Dashcam - 3" Sony IMX323 Car camera

    The SJDASH dash camera is just about ready to ship out. Here is the official link: SJCAM SJDASH Several testers will be receiving this model soon. Feel free to ask questions or review on this thread :)