1. I

    Fuse sizing

    Hi I have 2013 Ford Focus and a akeeyo aky v360st mirror camera. I want to hardwire it. There are two blue fuses on the wiring harness but they’re too big for my car. I have empty fuse slots. I think they’re micro fuses. How do I convert the original ones to fit my car? Thanks
  2. B

    Having issues with hardwiring my dashcam

    hi, I bought a blackvue DR900X-2CH and a B-124X battery pack for my 2017 440i and I can't get it to work right. I've tried hardwiring the system to 2 different switched fuses, and tried connecting it to the cigarette plug in the trunk but I can't get it working correctly. Now, I did get it to...
  3. T

    Fuse Taps: Fuse Orientation?

    New member here looking into hardwiring my first dash cam. Been scouring the internet for hours and can't seem to find someone that can explain this correctly, because i'm aware that improper installation can lead to failure. Which is the correct orientation to mount the fuses in the fuse tap, A...
  4. R

    Only available switch fuse in such a poor place I cant fit the fuse holder in

    Hello, I drive a Chevrolet Impala 2011 and am hardwiring a Thinkware F70, I just go the wiring where I need it to be and when I was checking the fuses, both when the car was off and 30 minutes after, there was only one available switch fuse for me to use, all of the others were hot. The issue...
  5. A

    What Fuse Rating Recommended for Hardwire?

    I have purchased hardwire kit which comes with fuse tap and 10 Amp fuse . Is it too high and should I use only 5 Amp/7 Amp? Please advise.
  6. alamsas

    Hardwiring Kit fuse options

    Hi guys, I have a '19 WRX and attached is my fusebox map under the driver's side. I understand I need piggyback fuses and so I bought two.. but I realized I could plug the yellow (ACC) wire in one of the vacant slots. The red (Battery) wire however, needs to be actually piggybacked with...
  7. C

    Hard wiring Cellink Neo (or any high current device)

    I am trying to hard wire the Cellink Neo (rated 9A, using 20A fuse) and had a couple questions. I am not an expert in electrical engineering so correct me if any of the stuff I stated below is wrong. I have tested all my fuse slots and I do not have any empty ones that are ACC, thus I have to...
  8. R

    Fuse Tap not working for DashCam. Factory accessory works

    I installed a Rexing V1 using hardwire Fuse Tap in my Lexus Rx and it functions perfectly. I proceeded the same exact install in my wife's Audi Q3 and cannot get the DashCam to work using the same Fuse Tap kit. I'm using the rear window wiper fuse outlet, and that accessory still works when the...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] dashcam hardwire kit for VW Golf -- which fuse?

    I'm looking to get a hardwire kit for my A119 dashcam but I don't know which fuse to choose. Does it matter? I've figured out which fuse controls which component and the following fuses are off when the car is turned off (which is what I want because I don't want the dash cam killing my car...
  10. A

    dashcam hardwire kit for VW Golf -- which fuse?

    Sorry for double-post. Got a better response from https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/dashcam-hardwire-kit-for-vw-golf-which-fuse.30478/ and didn't know how to delete this post.
  11. Ferginator

    Can you use Fuse taps on empty slot fuse?

    Hello, I have found an empty ACC and BAT slot for the fuses to go into and I have spare 10A laying around so I was wondering is I can use fuse taps or if I cant do that? And if so, does it still need a 10A for the original front slot on a fuse tap and 3A external even if the slot was empty to...
  12. Ferginator

    Which side of a fuse is Hot vs Cold?

    I have gone up and down the internet trying to look for this but not getting a clear answer. When I type on how to find the difference of the 2 sides, all I get are explanations telling me what each function is like hot is loader and cold is receiver and not how to physically identify which one...
  13. C

    Fuse for hardwire

    Just got a new A119 from Spytec. Also got the hardwire kit. My car uses a low profile fuse which is a bit hard to get. I wanted to ask what amp fuse did everyone use for their A119? I talked to customer service and they're recommending 1.5A - 3A. Thanks
  14. Jax Dash Cams

    Hardwire Problem

    I have two A118 (non-capacitor) cameras in my car - one will power up with a turn of the ignition key but the other won't. I've been powering them for the past year with a dual power port (cigarette lighter style) and wires dangling around in the cabin. I wanted to clean it up so I ordered two...
  15. OmoP

    Can a Low-profile mini fuse be replaced by a mini fuse?

    Is there any caveat to replacing a low-profile fuse with a mini blade one when trying to hardwire a dash cam using an "add-a-circuit"? I was looking to buy a small batch amount of "add-a-circuit" for future installs...
  16. T

    BMW MINI (R56) Best internal fuses to tap (Answer)

    This is not a question, but I thought it would be useful as an easy to search for post. The answer is: Permanent Power: Use the ODB (5A) fuse. That's F27 on my MINI but that might vary. This circuit remains live for > 12 hours under my tests, so safe to presume it is truly a permanent live...
  17. sgtjayp

    Hardwire Hardware

    I've been searching for a while and settled for the A118. Seems to get decent reviews and I like the discreteness. Question: I don't want to tie up the cigarette lighter nor have visible cords to a USB adapter. I have minimal electrical skills, but I think I can manage hard-wiring to a current...
  18. E

    Hardwire dash cam turning off with start stop

    Hi guys I'm new here but used the forum before to find answers I've hardwired be g1w-cb capacitor dash cam to my fuse box in the cigarette lighter fuse (I have tried in other fuses and they either do the same thing or the camera stays on when the ignition is off which I don't want ) and the...
  19. P

    Fuse taps using the hot side aka wrong side

    I've gone ahead and installed my pmp and decided to use a couple of fuse taps. http://s776.photobucket.com/user/ronjenx/media/1CircuitDiagram.jpg.html The problem is amazingly my fuse box won't allow me the room to install them the proper way (load on cold side). So what if I run it with the...
  20. ftpGuy

    SG9665GC Install - 2014 Honda Ridgeline

    Finally got around to doing a hard wired install of my Street Guardian SG9665GC into a 2014 Honda Ridgeline. Easy install. I won't go into a step by step install as most members know the basics but will share a few photos along with some basic info pertaining to this particular install. Initial...