1. IvanhoeYU

    Viofo A119S Speed print on the frame

    hi Experts and @viofo, 1) do we have the possibility to put higher rate of SPEED "sampling" on the frame/video of the A119S in next FW? I've found that the SPEED value, printed on the frame, is some kind of the average value and has nothing to do with the real speed. The real accident has...
  2. Taycarin

    Mini 0906 Dual Channel Dash Cam 1080p + 1080p

    The updated version of Veckle Mini 0906 dual 1080p FHD dash camera has Built-in GPS mount, CPL Filter, Remote Controller, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, 7 Lens Wide Angle, but no Parking Hardwire Kit (you can buy the hardwire kit here $138.99 on amazon US
  3. Veckle DashCam

    Veckle 1080P Dash Cam for Sale $49.99 (with CPL Filter)

    Veckle FHD 1080P JoJoQ Dashboard Camera Recorder with CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, 7 Lens Wide Angle 1.5 inch LCD Video Recorder , G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording FOR SALE! $49.99 (Reg. $69.99) with coupon code: D6AFVDIE End: 10/31/2017
  4. Mark S-H

    What is the extra socket for on the G1W-CB camera?

    Hi Guys, I have been using a G1WH for 2 years now. I consider this camera very good and it still works very well except that the USB connector is a bit loose and intend to buy and solder in a new connector to replace it. I wanted to try a A118C B40 camera and saw one on eBay for 30.88 GBP...
  5. k1ran

    Compact dashcam with WIFI and GPS is looking for.

    Sup Guys :) I am looking for a camera ('s) for DIY installation. I have a light assistant and wanna make hidden installation of dashcam inside of the custom case. It means that I am looking for WIFI cam from where I can easy remove lens like in Mobius (not soldered to the board, length is not a...
  6. Taycarin

    Veckle Mini 0906 Dual 1080P Dash Cam with GPS, CPL Filter

    Veckle Mini 0906 Official Version Dual Dash Cam 1080P Full HD with Built-in GPS Mount, CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, Remote Controller, Parking Guard Hardwire Kit () Specification Mini 0906 Official Version Chipset: NT96663 Camera: Front Sony IMX290/291; Rear Sony IMX322/323...
  7. D

    A119S v2 gps module problem

    Hello! I am Javi, a new user of A119S V2 violet with GPS module and the CPL I am from Badalona (Spain) and my English is a bit of a pain, so I hope you excuse me since I use a translator to correct mistakes Since I installed the camera in my car (Citroen C4) I have problems with the GPS module...
  8. O

    GPS Overriding Time Setting

    I installed a new A119S yesterday and I'm having trouble with the GPS overriding the time setting. I set the correct date and time in the camera, which appeared on the screen, but when the GPS kicked in after about a minute, the date and time advanced by several hours. Today I updated the...
  9. Ferginator

    Looking for DashCam with over long battery life, park mode, wireless upload, live view, and more

    I'm looking for one that has parking mode, discreet, has battery life of at least 12 hours, rechargeable batteries, can wirelessly upload videos in like 10 to 20 min segments to a storage device, I can also view it live, have night mode as well and a GPS tracking. I know it's quiet a list but...
  10. D

    SGZC12SG V2 Pro GPS Issue

    SGZC12SG V2 Pro Firmware 1.02.03 GPS receiver is always enabled. There is no option to disable the GPS receiver. Not like Panorama S which the date and time stamp is on the top, SGZC12SG V2 displays all the info, date, time, GPS, & G-sensor, at the bottom. The SGZC12SG V2 OSD can be turned off...
  11. F

    Rearview Android DVR dashcam

    Hi! I have already found answers for simple (non-Android) dashcams how to provide them with constant power. You can attach them to fuse, even if a car is turned off. But what changes if we do the same with Android DVR cam? For example, this one or similar...
  12. J

    Hidden GPS logging when set to off

    I got A119 with GPS couple days ago and it looks pretty neat. After playing with Dashcam viewer software and A119 with GPS turned on out of curiosity, I turned off the GPS. While GPS data (speed or coordinates) do not appear embedded in the video, GPS data (both coordinates and speed) are still...
  13. R

    Purchased new A119S. GPS doesn't locate satellites regularly.

    Just purchased this last week and installed over the weekend. The behavior of the problem: Once it locks into GPS signal, it works the entire duration until it's turned off. It will connect for 1-2 additional power-ons, and then eventually fail to connect. Things I've tried: Restore to...
  14. S

    Need a budget WiFi + GPS dashcam

    Have a budget of around $100 for a WiFi+GPS 1080p dashcam. Just need good video quality day and night, decent firmware support and don't need a screen. Infact I would prefer one without a screen. Have been looking at this: I like it only because it looks good IMO, but I've been suggested on...
  15. B

    V-sys X1F

    Hi Tried to search the forum, but could not find anything regarding the X1F motorcycle camera. Anyone on this forum tried this camera? It's a 2 camera solution filming in full HD with GPS. It looks promising...
  16. P

    GPS on registrator viewer

    Hello everyone, newbie on Dashcamtalk here. I just installed the new V2.02 ( firmware which claims to fix the GPS logging access on Registrator Viewer. I updated the firmware and did a factory...
  17. Gadgetjq

    Edit DX2 File?

    My Thinkware dashcam (X330 which has no sub category on this forum) uses a .DX2 file to warn of traffic cams and other driving hazards via the GPS. Can someone suggest a program that will edit this file? Reason: the cam alerts to the presence of "Mobile Speed Camera" along a roughly 1 mile...
  18. Falgun Patel

    Rove A12-60 - 2.7K Quad HD 1440P at 60fps- Car Dash Cam HDR Superior Nigh Vision Ambarella A12-A75

    Manufacture Website Link : Rove Dash Cam ( Exclusive Dash Cam FEATURES: Video Resolutions: 2560x1440P 60f, 2560x1440P 30f + HDR, 2304x1296P 30f, 1920x1080P 60f, 1920x1080P 30f HDR, 1920x1080P 30f, 1280x720P 60f. Loop Cycle Recording: Allows old files to be replaced...
  19. Viking

    A119s gps pin stuck.

    Does any know how to get pin out on a Viofo gps modul. It's stuck, so the camera does not receive any signal. Power ok.
  20. P

    A119S Not Saving Time & Day On GPS

    I received my A119S yesterday (1/6/17, purchased from OCD Tronic on Amazon) with the GPS mount. When I have GPS toggled "ON", my date and time does not save. It appears to be defaulting to the date and time of Bangkok (GMT +7), however my time zone is set to GMT -7 where I am located. When I...