1. MortallyWounded

    GPS Mapping, and Rendering for YouTube

    I've got an Aukey DR02 and just received the GM-32 for it. I'm wondering now if there is a quick and easy way to generate a map with the GPS data which I can add to my dashcam videos. I'd like to put the front camera in the top of the screen, the rear at the bottom, and the map to the right of...
  2. Q

    Telematics Dashcam - send gps data direct to my tracking platform?

    Hey all I'm looking to integrate a dash cam that reports to my gps tracking platform these are the requirements 1) have built in tracker, or if not connect to something like a teltonika gps tracker 2) allow me to communicate with camera to request still image(s) at specific time intervals 3)...
  3. N

    A119S GPS data fault

    I've had my iTracker A119S since 2017. I've been extracting the GPS metadata from the video clips since 2018, and recently I imported them into Spatialite. I noticed several (264) times where the dashcam GPS has malfunctioned for 1 second, resulting in a speed of 0 (or alternatively something...
  4. M

    70mai pro stuck on 1.0.4na

    Hello guys and the 70mai official engineers, I have just purchased a 70mai pro dash cam from the official store, I have been using before the xiaomi mija cam and thought that this was a good upgrade, I have the GPS module as well and the ADAS functions work well. The only thing that is an...
  5. G

    Mini 0906 No GPS/Speed or Green "on" light

    Hey all, Thanks for having this form here. Suddenly after several years of service this 0906 with original firmware suddenly isn't showing the green light (power) even though it is on and recording ( checked and recording) and GPS and Speed have stopped working too. All setting are, as I've...
  6. S

    Looking for time-lapse (or low framerate) with GPS

    I'm looking for a dash cam that can record low frame rate geo-tagged footage. It seems most dash cam options offer time lapse mode only for parking mode, but I'm looking for somewhere between one and several frames per second while driving, along with up-to-date GPS coordinates. This will be...
  7. fchar

    Key Lock dashcam/GPS mount?

    Hello everyone, I just joined this community, I hope to share and contribute! I would like to ask something maybe not too frequent for dashcam and GPS owners: I'm considering a few"Uber" dashcam models to buy one soon (Vantrue N2 Pro, Viofo 129 Duo IR, Anker Roav Duo), as well as a 5'' Garmin...
  8. Yakkow91

    Rare communicates from ADAS system

    Hi, I use 70mai Dash Cam Pro with GPS module for a about week. This is great camera for this price, but I found one thing which is not working properly. Communicates from ADAS system are very rare. I do not get ADAS communicates in situation where I should receive it. I calibrated ADAS twice...
  9. S

    No GPS

    4 days ago in my initual setup and test it did give me recordings with gps info. Recently though when I looked at my recordings none of them had any gps info. The gps option in the display menu is set to on. Before I take it back to halfords is there anything I may have overlooked, also is there...
  10. T

    Most settings lost when undocked, used on PC, and then redocked

    I just bought a A119 V3 and am running the 1.0 firmware. It has the GPS mount, and that mount is powered by the Viofo hardwire kit HK3ACC. Also have a SanDisk 128GB "high endurance" card installed and formatted. The wiring has the yellow accessory cable plugged into a circuit that has power only...
  11. Eloylb

    CAN New in a sealed box TOGUARD 4K CE52 Pro

    I am selling a new TOGUARD 4K CE52 Pro Dash Cam Ultra HD with WIFI, GPS, night vision 170° that is never used in a sealed box. I am in Montreal Price $60 CAD
  12. SotY

    GPS interference

    So I have SGGCX2PRO+ along with hardwire kit for parking mode installed in my 2018 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited with EyeSight and navigation. This camera interfere with vehicle GPS system heavily. My position with dashcam turned on is off sometimes by just 50ft but sometimes by 500ft or more...
  13. M

    GPS Player

    I have found my Player is no longer responding, I download the files to computer or access them straight through the player plugged into the computer, everything used to work fine either way but now all I get is a false error for QuickTime Player, This in itself is a crappy player and you would...
  14. Spiffman-Space

    MyNextBase Player - Bug - Edit Video - Hide GPS

    Hi, New User here. Bug: When using the 'Edit Video' functionality, and choosing to 'Hide Stamped GPS data on the video', the blurred overlay that is added is entirely above the stamped information meaning the GPS stamped info i plainly visible. (Using 1440p input and output res)
  15. Rick Needham

    I need help identifying this 1296P GPS dash cam please

    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum. I need help in hopefully identifying this 1296P GPS dash cam. I bought it like four days ago from a seller on eBay and I am still awaiting for it to arrive. Hoping someone here recognizes these pics, and knows if I've bought a halfway decent dash cam...
  16. S

    HDD/SSD + GPS Dash cam

    Greetings, I am doing a project where I want to record series of images at about 15 fps together with geo tagging (gps location). I want to be able to do that for extended periods of unmaintained time thus I need a large storage capacity. So far I have only found this: Professional dash cam...
  17. R

    GPS causing camera to record when parked.

    I’ve noticed that my camera is recording as though vehicle is moving even though it’s parked up outside my house because the gps signal is making out it’s moving at 1-3mph every so often. Is there a fix for this or anyway to improve gps reception, even though I’m using the gps powered windshield...
  18. L

    BlackVue DR750S-2CH GPS data quirk

    hi guys, i already posted this on another site, but haven't gotten a response, maybe i will get one here: this ultimately boring nerdy stuff and probably doesnt really matter beyond data integrity considerations but i figured i'd bring it up anyway. i've only had the above dashcam for a few...
  19. S

    Dashcam that has all the desired specs

    I have been researching for my first dashcam and have concluded what features I value most. The problem I am having is finding the best one for the following features: (1) Image Quality (2) Parking sensor (3) Looping (3) GPS [for speed recording] (4) Two separate cameras to place one in the back...
  20. D

    Need Cam with all the Options for a Single Work Truck

    I own a small business and have one employee driving a pickup truck roughly 30 hours a month to read utility meters. The rest of the time, I drive this same truck operating a small utility company. I do a lot of driving, a lot of stopping in the road or on the shoulder, a lot of pulling in and...