1. P

    Mio Mivue 388 cannot get GPS fix

    I've been using my Mivue 388 for 3-4 years now and it has been working fine. A couple of days ago I noticed that the GPS receiver is no longer functioning, it could no longer get a GPS fix. Sometimes it would acquire satellites but 90% of the time it won't. Does anyone got issues also with...
  2. C

    Dashcam with GPS and OBDII?

    Hello! I work in research on people's driving behaviors, and we are looking to get dashcams that have GPS and OBDII readings integrated as our current set-up has so many wires all over the place it's a nuisance to our participants. I think we wouldn't mind say a Bluetooth-connected OBDII, but...
  3. D

    Hole next to A/V out for GPS ?.

    The hole next to the A/V out was covered by QC sticker on mine. When I look at the board, it is the same socket as the A/V and connected to the circuit. I wonder if this is for GPS module in the next version ?... or may be even has been implemented and just need firmware upgrade.
  4. Z

    Searching for cam for very particular use

    Hey! I've taken a glance through the site looking for some very specific details but have had a hard time finding what I'm looking for. I work for a billboard company. We are always in need of photos of our billboards from the driver's vantage point. I'm looking for a camera that not only...
  5. S

    Fakes, battery, quality and reliability

    Hello friends, I visit the site for some time but never got to write here ... Recently I purchased two cameras from EBAY. One is - G3WL. The second is - Blueskysea G1W-C. I must say I was very disappointed ... Before I begin I should point out that two cameras are original, which was very...
  6. K

    Format of GPS data embedded in MOV files

    This is admittedly very geeky, so please skip the rest unless you happen to be interested in such things :) I dug into how the SG9665GC embeds GPS data into the MOV files it generates, and documented what I found at It was enough to write some Go scripts to...
  7. L

    Mac software for playback?

    I see from the Mini series dash cams manuals reference to PC software for playback of video & GPS map data, what is there for iMac users?
  8. M

    3 issues with my new mini0805 - Battery+Gps+Suspicious firmware

    Hi This is my first post in this forum. First of all i would like to thank you all, because I bought 3 dashcams following your recommendations here. The last dashcam that I bought is the mini0805 . I just got the camera with gps dongle from GearBest and I need your advice. I charged the camera...
  9. DesertLawman

    GPS Setting

    I have the GPS antenna connected to my B40-C Blackbox unit. It shows the speed in km/h. Does anyone know how to set it for mph? I can't find anything in the setup menu to change the reading into imperial.
  10. D

    Time and Date sync not working on 0926.V2 firmware

    Bought the SG9665GC on the basis of it setting the date and time automatically from GPS but my unit isn't doing it. Has anyone else had this issue? The GPS is working as it logs the trip but the date and time never get updated. Firmware is SG20150926.V2
  11. ELNINO

    How to turn off GPS logging while keeping the speed stamp?

    Hi, Is there a way to turn off the GPS text files being saved to the card, but to keep GPS functions on just to get the speed stamp on the video? You may ask why, but I kinda feel I don't need cordinate files polluting my card (I know it's pretty small, but still) and also feel the unit need...

    ATD KOREA Car Dashcam GB-100+(WIFI,Full HD,2CH,GPS,LDWS)

    email :
  13. insmuh

    GPS problem in athermic windscreen of C-MAX

    Hello there i got my mini 0806 2 days ago from gearbest. i mounted it in the middle of the windscreen under rain sensors (position 1) but i couldnt get any GPS connection i removed it and try to turn on the cam outside the window so it got the signal and the led became continuous green. then i...
  14. cdmonline

    Real time GPS mapping whilst playing dashcam video

    I found a way to convert the GPS track data produced on my Mini 0806 dashcam to a Google map to show the route that was taken using the web-site, which is really cool. However, I'd really like to see if there is a way to show the dashcam video AND live GPS tracking...
  15. Sideshow Dashcam

    GPS unit issue

    Hello, first time poster here. My K1S has been installed a couple of months now, and worked fine until last week when it suddenly started leaving gaps in the recordings. Driving along I would hear beeps to tell me that recording had stopped, followed a few seconds later by the "recording...
  16. jimn

    GPS :-(

    Hi, I've been looking for a dashcam for a while, using this site & techmoan for ideas, and it seemed like the 0806 had mostly got its act together so I decided to plump for that one. It arrived yesterday but unfortunately it is refusing to connect to GPS reliably. It did say it had a...